Hockey Sponsorships

Investec Hockey Academy and St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival


Investec actively facilitates the development and growth of female hockey talent. We do this through partnership with strategically selected sponsorships, academies and initiatives.

Our women’s hockey sponsorships range from world-class to community level. As well as celebrating the success of teams and individuals at the very top of the game, we support emerging talent and champion the role the sport can play in empowering women in their lives and careers.

Investec Hockey Academy

Investec Hockey Academy

Investec focuses on the development of women’s hockey in South Africa. We support hockey through continued involvement in the Investec Hockey Academy. The academy aims to improve women’s hockey performance at all levels through a multi-dimensional, holistic approach. It offers a high quality environment that sets new standards in hockey training and tuition.

St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival

St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival

We support the St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival which provides a coming together of 32 of the country’s top hockey schools in Johannesburg each year.

Shelley Russell - Investec Hockey Academy
‘Don’t stop practicing until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong.’

Shelley Russell, Investec Hockey Academy

‘Women’s sport is a commercially uncluttered market. The quality of sport is high and sportswomen have enabled us to appeal to a wider audience and engage in benefits not typically offered by men’s sporting codes.’

Janet Larsen, Marketing head Investec South Africa