Robin Magid

Investec Property CEO

I run the UK direct property business and the SA development, trading and acquisition business.


I joined Investec Private Bank in 1995. From 1998 to 2002 I managed the Property Finance team. In 2002 I joined Investec Property Limited where I ran the development and trading business. In 2008, I relocated to London where I was involved in establishing an international property investment division while still managing the South African operations. I was appointed as an executive director of Investec Property Limited in South Africa and returned to South Africa in 2010.


I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

What drives me

I have one passion in the world of business and that is property (physical). Investec has allowed me the ability to drive this business with all the benefits that Investec offers, but as if it was my own business.

My interests

I love classic cars, travelling with my son, Liverpool and the Springboks.