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Our Environment

Giving back to the earth

Investec recognises that a clean, resource-rich natural environment supports the growth of business and the economy and is vital for healthy communities.

Investec Strategy and Sustainability

While it is impossible to continue business without having some impact on the environment, by supporting green initiatives we can minimise this impact and in fact give back to the earth while sustaining our businesses.

Tanya dos Santos, Strategy and Sustainability head

Minimising our direct carbon impact

Investec’s environmental policy takes into account the challenges  that climate change presents to the global economy. We will consider any meaningful activity that either reduces the negative impact, or prolongs life, on our planet. We believe that as a financial services organisation, and given our positioning in the developed and emerging worlds, we can make a meaningful impact in addressing climate change. The carbon impact of our daily operations is limited. Investec’s strategy therefore is focused on creating awareness and encouraging behavioural change in recognition of our environmental responsibilities.

Increasing awareness among staff

We continue to drive awareness about our direct operational impacts by influencing internal behaviour. We do this through programmes communicated to staff by Investec's Environmental Sustainability team.


Our key areas include:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing water usage
  • Reducing overall waste
  • Reducing single-use plastic
  • Increasing waste recycling rates
  • Promoting sustainable travel
  • Promoting sustainable procurement.

Operating an effective environmental management system

Investec recognises that we cannot fulfil our environmental responsibilities as an organisation if we do not have an effective environmental management system.


Our environmental management system allows us to reliably calculate our carbon footprint, and set targets for future emissions. Each year we strive to improve our data collection and increase our coverage of scope 3 emissions.

CDP B-list

We were awarded a B rating by the Carbon Disclosure Project which recognises our actions to mitigate climate change


Group carbon emissions reduction in the past year

Communities and conservation

Given Investec’s African heritage, we are passionate about ensuring the continued existence of a number of African species. We fund a number of biodiversity projects which help to ensure the sustainable existence of South Africa’s rich wildlife.

Policy statements

Download Investec’s group environmental policy and climate change statement

Download Investec’s group fossil fuel policy