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Cultivating Out of the Ordinary

Investec’s culture enables extraordinary people to perform in Out of the Ordinary ways.
It is the passion and dedication of our people that enables us to deliver superior client service and value for stakeholders. 

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‘We focus enormous energy on finding the right people for our culture and put them in environments in which they can flourish, because culture is our competitive edge.’

Marc Kahn, Global Head - HR and Organisational Development

Developing our people

We invest significantly in the development and leadership of our employees. We understand that different personalities require different inputs in order to excel. Leadership development programmes include cross-divisional engagement, and cover areas such as self-awareness, self-efficacy, performance management and giving feedback.
Our senior leadership development programme includes learning at the following innovative institutions: 
  • Singularity University
  • Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship
  • Harvard Business School
  • Insead
The number of bursaries given to employees in the past 16 years
The amount spent on Learning and Development and leadership programmes as a percentage of staff costs for the group.

Staff volunteerism

Our unique culture

We have a strong organisational culture of entrenched values which form the cornerstone of our behaviour towards each other, and all stakeholders. Our culture of open and honest dialogue encourages trust between colleagues and management. The organisational development team works to strengthen the culture of the business, ensure its values are lived, build capability and contribute to the long term sustainability of the group.

What makes Investec culture different?

Marc Kahn, Global Head of HR and Organisational Development explains how Investec's culture gives the company its competitive edge.

Value in diversity

We celebrate the individuality of our people and clients. Diversity is essential for us to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing world, so to continue to support our clients’ growth and prosperity in the long term. 

Zebra Crossing initiative

This initiative from our business in South Africa is aligned with our employment equity plan. It aims to raise levels of multi-cultural awareness, enabling staff to appreciate and celebrate the richness of our diverse population.

Inspire programme

From our team in the United Kingdom, this initiative focuses on driving inclusion and celebrating diversity at Investec. It also houses four staff networks - Gender Balance, LGBT+, BAME and YoungMinds.
Of our Developing Leaders' programme have been female employees over the last 5 years
Female representation on group board. Investec is a member of the 30% club in both the UK and SA.

Gender equality


At Investec, we are focused on gender equality.
Listen to former Investec CEO Stephen Koseff commit to creating a more gender-diverse organisation.


Hear more from Investec’s extraordinary women

Leaping across the Gender Gap: Investec’s chief economist tells us what enabled her to excel in a field traditionally dominated by men.

We employ extraordinary individuals

Our people come from all over the world with various academic, ethnic and social backgrounds. We work hard to create and provide a stimulating and progressive working environment. Investec looks to employ and inspire entrepreneurial, free thinkers with a social conscience.
While some bureaucracy is unavoidable, Investec believes in a flat-managerial structure. Employees experience a great deal of autonomy, allowing them to be individuals, flourish and realise their true potential.
Top 3 best employer
Voted in the top three for the past three years, in the Universum survey.

The power of a diverse workforce


From Khayelitsha to Sandton. - meet Investec employee, Abonga Ngada, who'll make you rethink corporate stereotypes

From Khayelitsha to Sandton. - meet Investec employee, Abonga Ngada, who'll make you rethink corporate stereotypes


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