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Cultivating Out of the Ordinary performance

Investec’s culture enables extraordinary people to perform in Out of the Ordinary ways.
As people feel valued for what they contribute and are celebrated for who they are, they deliver excellent value to our clients and shareholders.  

Marc Kahn
‘We focus enormous energy on finding the right people for our culture and put them in environments in which they can flourish, because culture is our competitive edge.’

Marc Kahn, Global Head - HR and Organisational Development

Developing our people

Entrepreneurial learning
We invest in developing and upskilling our people, while encouraging them to be the driving force behind their own growth. By leading their own development journeys, our colleagues maximise the learning opportunities that are most relevant to their needs. 
The work is the learning, the learning is the work
At Investec, we believe that learning exists in all that we do. It should not be confined to courses or programmes, nor should it be considered a one-off event. Rather, learning is an everyday practice and a lifelong opportunity.
Challenge, be challenged, grow
The culture at Investec fosters open and honest dialogue. We continuously enhance performance through immediate and direct feedback at an individual, team and organisational level. Our people are empowered to be direct, challenge convention and truly drive their and their team’s development.
The number of bursaries given to employees in South Africa over the past 10 years
The amount spent on Learning and Development and leadership programmes as a percentage of staff costs for the group

Staff volunteerism

Fostering a unique, empowering culture

At Investec, we have a strong organisational culture, which is our strategic differentiator. It’s driven by our values, and forms the cornerstone of our behaviour towards each other, and all our stakeholders.
It’s based on the premise of a flat structure, which provides access and opportunity for all colleagues to perform in Out of the Ordinary ways.
This culture creates a positive environment, where people build relationships that enhance their contribution to the organisation. It creates a context that values stretch, self-discipline, trust and support.
The organisational development team works to strengthen the culture of the business through process, building capability through shared meaning and continuously contributing to the long-term sustainability of the group.

The value of diversity and inclusion

At Investec, we celebrate the individuality of our people, partners and clients. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential for us to innovate, adapt and prosper in a fast-changing world. This understanding also enables us to adequately service the personalised needs of our clients.

Zebra Crossing initiative

Hailed as 'life-changing' and ‘vital for life in the 21st century’, this initiative aims to raise levels of multi-cultural awareness. It enables our people to understand their own biases and to appreciate and celebrate the richness of our diverse people.
female employees
women on our board. Member of the 30% Club (aiming to have 30% female representation on both UK and SA boards by 2020)

Gender equality

We are making good progress towards closing the gender pay gap and the 33% target for women in senior leadership positions in the FTSE 350 by 2020, in line with the recommendations of the Hampton-Alexander Review.
We signed up to the Women in Finance Charter on 24 September 2018. IBP had 19% and IW&I had 20% female representation in senior leadership, based on figures as of 31 March 2018. As of 31 March 2019, IBP had 22% and IW&I had 29% female representation in senior leadership. While still early in our reporting, we are on track to meet our 2022 commitment.

Women in leadership

Our Women in Leadership initiatives bring men and women together to participate in the conversation around gender. These dialogues help us create an appropriate environment for women to thrive as leaders, employees and entrepreneurs and serve as role models for the next generation.
Investec is invested in women on the rise, who inspire others to do the same.

At Investec, we are focused on gender equality.
Listen to former Investec CEO Stephen Koseff commit to creating a more gender-diverse organisation.

Wellbeing at Investec

We want all of our people to feel happy, healthy, balanced and fulfilled, at home or beyond. Our wellbeing programme covers more than physical and mental health support: it also looks at social wellbeing, safety and welfare, and helping our colleagues balance their personal, family, financial and work life to create greater harmony and connection.

of employees participated in one or more employee wellness interventions in on 2018

We employ extraordinary individuals

Our people come from all over the world with various academic, ethnic and social backgrounds. We work hard to create and provide a stimulating and progressive working environment. Investec looks to employ and inspire entrepreneurial, free thinkers with a social conscience.
While some bureaucracy is unavoidable, Investec believes in a flat-managerial structure. Employees experience a great deal of autonomy, allowing them to be individuals, flourish and realise their true potential.
Top 3 best employer
Voted in the top three for the past four years, in the Universum survey

The power of a diverse workforce

From Khayelitsha to Sandton. Meet Investec employee, Abonga Ngada, who will make you rethink corporate stereotypes.

From Khayelitsha to Sandton. Meet Investec employee, Abonga Ngada, who will make you rethink corporate stereotypes.

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