Responsible Corporate Citizen

At Investec we recognise that, while our shareholders remain at the forefront, our purpose ultimately is not only about driving profits. We strive to be a distinctive bank and wealth manager, demonstrating cast-iron integrity, moral strength and behaviour which promotes trust. 

Our core values include unselfishly contributing to society, valuing diversity and respecting others. Outstanding, empowered talent, entrepreneurial spirit and regard for the planet are other qualities that fit squarely with the culture of our organisation and our approach to responsible business.


Our culture and values, at the heart of our approach, demonstrate our belief that as an organisation we can and must, if we are to maintain a sustainable business in the long term, have a positive impact on the success and wellbeing of communities local to our offices, the environment and on overall macro-economic stability.


Our clients are at the core of our business. They span a number of industries, conducting a wide variety of activities. It is possible, as is naturally the case with other stakeholders and interest groups, that we have differing opinions at times. While we respect the legal and constitutional rights of all parties, activities conducted by clients do not necessarily reflect our views. Local and international regulation and monitoring authorities, as applicable, guide us in assessing responsible business practice. We satisfy ourselves further by conducting the necessary diligence as part of the lengths we go to in understanding our clients and their needs and ‘breaking china’ to satisfy these.


Our extensive sustainability initiatives are an important part of our living our values and these have the support of employees at all levels throughout our organisation. The focus of our social responsibility efforts is in areas chosen by our employees and management teams, determined by the degree of fit with our culture and values. We have environmental champions in a number of our offices, as well as many well-established charitable partnerships and volunteering initiatives, with further programmes developing all the time. The active involvement of our people, through volunteering, remains at the core of our social investment strategy.


Investec is also listed on a number of sustainability indices including the FTSE4Good Index, the Dow Jones Sustainability Investment Index and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index. These indices have been designed objectively to measure the performance of companies that meet globally-recognised corporate responsibility standards. 


Investec acknowledges the responsibility that is a concomitant of our relative privilege as an organisation, and while we cannot moralize about the behaviour of others, we certainly can ensure that we as an organisation live up to our own cherished values.


For further information on Investec’s sustainability efforts relating to people and the planet, please refer to our website.