On the one hand, it’s hampered by international developments around potential trade wars and geopolitical challenges. And on the other hand, it’s supported by strong commodity prices.


I see that our new president has announced a team of specialists who will attempt to attract USD100 billion of investment into South Africa over the next five years. This is laudable and noble as we’re in desperate need of growth and employment creation. If I had a spare USD100 billion lying around looking for an investment destination, there are three questions I would be asking:


  • What kind of security of tenure could I expect given that the government has not yet sorted out the land question? It’s all well and good to ask me to bring my money into South Africa and open factories and businesses, but why would I, if I am uncertain about whether my property rights could be changed at some point in the future? 
  • What can I expect as far as energy security is concerned? Eskom remains a disaster and energy supply is far from guaranteed going forward.
  • What can I expect as far as basic services are concerned? The finance minister announced last week that many municipalities are on the brink of collapse. 


Until we sort out some of these issues, and others, it will be difficult to attract USD100 billion.


Let me hop off my soap box


Currency comment will be dormant for a few days soon. I’m going to Anfield to watch Liverpool take on Roma, and I’m more than a little excited. It’s my first visit to the hallowed turf and I can’t wait. Following that, I’m going to see the Victoria Falls – another bucket list item.


May the rand behave in my absence. Good luck folk and good luck especially to the investment envoys – we really need them to be successful.