Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018


Investec has partnered with Cape Town Art Fair as lead sponsor for the next three years. The annual exhibition, to be known as Investec Cape Town Art Fair, is renowned as a leading destination in Africa to buy local and international art. It is also the place where buyers from around the world interact with galleries and exciting emerging and established artists, creating important global networks. Read more...

Everything you need to know about the Investec Cape Town Art Fair

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Purchase your tickets online for the Investec Cape Town Art Fair taking place on 16-18 February.

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Find out when the Investec Cape Town Art Fair talks, walkabouts and performances are taking place.

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The fair is open from 11am until 7pm from 16-18 February 2018. 

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Find out who is exhibiting in the main section of the fair and who is featured in all the special sections.

Eight artists to see at – and around – the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018

Simon Stone

Highlights from an art editor

A guide to some of the must-see artists at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and other galleries in the Mother City.

The art market – a story of seesaw sales and shifting power bases

Global art market

Is the art market up or down?

It is a question that perennially occupies those who have staked a career in this flourishing multi-billion dollar global industry. The question tends to overlook a noticeable shift in power from auction houses to private dealers and art fairs.

How a corporate art collection can add value to your business

How corporate curation can add value to your business

Corporate curation is an active collection that ties into brand strategy and purpose

Collecting art for your organisation is an investment of time and money. So before you enter this increasingly competitive world, there are a number of points to consider to ensure a measurable return on investment. 

Starting your art collection

How to start an art collection

For budget-conscious collectors

Starting your own art collection can be a daunting task. We asked leading gallery owners for their ideas on where to start and what to buy.

Be a pro with the paddle

Art auction bid

What you need to know about auctions

For established collectors and art enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the excitement of a live auction. And in South Africa’s vibrant art scene, works by celebrated artists such as Irma Stern, Gerard Sekoto, Gwelo Goodman, Maggie Laubser and William Kentridge, regularly attract record prices at auction.

For art’s sake - How good is art as an investment?

art investment

More and more investors are looking at the art market (and other collectables) as an alternative to traditional investment assets.

At the same time, numerous academic studies have tried to ascertain the returns for art over the years.

How art can contribute to a country's economy

Louvre, Paris

From the Guggenheim Bilbao to the Zeitz Museum in Cape Town, art has the ability to lift a country's economy both directly and indirectly.

We examine the impact of art on established and emerging art hubs.

Ars longa, vita brevis – but what about the returns?

Irma Stern's Two Arabs

There is money to be made from Monet (if you have one), but identifying the works and artists that will give you the best returns is hellishly difficult.

Art investment funds have sprung up to try take advantage of the potential returns available, and many private investors are looking at art as a way of diversifying portfolios or generating extra returns. 

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