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Investec Bank (Switzerland) AG

Our business in Switzerland draws on our unique Swiss banking heritage and leverages off the Investec Group’s resources and investment processes, to deliver truly high touch and innovative global Wealth Management and Custody solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we work closely with our Capital Markets and Banking colleagues within the Group, to offer our entrepreneurial clients a full business banking service. Our boutique approach ensures that we are correctly positioned to out-think, not out-muscle the competition, which explains why our offering continues to attract successful entrepreneurs and self directed, international clients.

We offer a range of services from full discretionary wealth management solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs, through to client directed custody accounts. We also specialise in providing Lombard lending facilities and have expertise in being able to custody non traditional investments such as Private Equity partnership funds. Additionally, we offer a range of cash and cash enhancement solutions through our accounts and are able to facilitate specialised lending transactions in conjunction with the Investec Group. Moreover, we have a strategy of working with Swiss Trust Companies in order to provide our clients with structuring solutions when desired, thereby facilitating a complete Wealth Planning solution.

Investec Bank (Switzerland) AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investec Bank Plc and is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Swiss banks are obliged to hold capital and liquidity reserves which are much higher than in any other financial market. There are also strict regulations regarding the segregation of clients assets from those of the bank, hence all investments except for current account balances (over CHF 100’000.00), are fully ring fenced. Furthermore, the bank does not transact for its own account.

The bank operates from its head office in Zurich. Our highly skilled staff have diverse backgrounds which fosters a vibrant culture and energetic atmosphere in the office. The aim of the bank is to fully harness its cultural diversity and use that passion and energy to become the centre of Investec’s International Wealth Management business and build on the qualities of its Swiss banking expertise.