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Investec Australia no longer provides financial services in Australia. 


Please click here if you have a query relating to the following entities:

  • Investec Holdings Australia Pty LtdInvestec Australia Pty Ltd
  • Investec Australia Finance Pty Ltd
  • Investec Australia Property Investments Pty Ltd
  • IWPE Nominees Pty LtdInvestec (Australia) Investment Management Pty Ltd
  • Investec Australia Funds Management Pty Ltd
  • Bowden (Lot 32) Holdings Pty LtdBowden (lot 32) Pty Ltd


For all other enquiries not listed above, please click here.

Investec Australia Property Fund

Investec Australia Property Fund is now Irongate Group

Investec Australia Corporate Advisory

Investec Australia Corporate Advisory is now Ad Astra Corporate Advisory

Investec Australia Emerging Companies Fund

Investec Australia Emerging Companies Fund is now Commencer Capital

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