Investec Online and the App


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Keep in mind, many of the functions are only available on the Investec App, and not
the Investec Youth App or in respect of, Business and Select cards.
If you need assistance, please call our global Client Support Centre on the following numbers:
South Africa: 0860 110 161 (+27 11 286 9663)
United Kingdom: 0330 123 1966 (+44 207 597 4044)

Investec Online

Downloading the App, biometrics, passwords

  • How do I download and link the Investec App?

    Log into Investec online, go to Menu and select ‘Investec apps’, link your smartphone to your Investec Online profile. You need to link your smartphone in order to use the Investec App.

  • I forgot my Investec Online password, how can I reset it?

    Log into Investec Online

    You can reset your password on Investec Online using the QuickPass feature. From the login page select ‘Having trouble logging in?’ where you will be prompted to enter your QuickPass.

    Prior to using QuickPass to reset your password you will need to have saved a QuickPass. Go to menu to save your QuickPass.

The App

Downloading the App, biometrics, passwords

  • How do I download and link the Investec App?

    Download the Investec App from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Follow the steps to register your device.

  • What is a biometric login?

    Biometrics will use a physical feature, like your fingerprint or facial recognition to log into an account or as second-factor authentication

    Example: Touch ID on iPhone

    It is more secure than using an ID and password

    Check your phone settings to enable this functionality

  • I forgot my Investec Online password, how can I reset it?

    Log into the app

    You can reset your password on the app using biometrics. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu and choose the password option where you can change your password. Once you have changed your password you will be prompted to confirm using your biometrics. This option is not available if you have not set up biometric login

  • What is In App authentication?

    In-App authentication is a second-factor authentication method used to ensure secure login on Investec Online.

    It allows you to log into Investec Online using a valid Wi-Fi or network connection, from anywhere in the world, without having to activate international roaming

    It reduces your risk of SIM-swap fraud on your Investec Account

    It enables you to shop securely online.

  • What do I do if my phone is stolen or hacked?

    If your phone is lost or stolen, you should immediately delink it from your Investec Online profile

    This will prevent someone from using your phone to log into your profile

    How to delink your phone

    If you have another phone linked to your profile, log into your Investec Online profile, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Devices’ and then remove the stolen smartphone

    Call the global Client Support Centre on +27 11 286 9663 who will delink it on your behalf

    SIM-swap/hacking - In this case, delink your device immediately and report any suspected fraud to the global Client Support Centre.

  • What digital or cybersecurity measures are in place to protect my device and my money?

    These are a few examples of the security measures we use to keep your account and information safe.

    • Smartphone device registration
    • Biometrics (Touch ID and facial recognition)
    • In-App authentication
    • Account suspension following three incorrect password attempts
    • Investec deploys software that monitors for any malware in the banking session. If we come across malware in the session, we will call you and advise
    • Investec monitors for ATO (account take over). If we suspect that it is not you that is logging in we will call you to confirm.