Offshore savings accounts

Channel Islands

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If you’re looking to maximise returns on your savings, we offer a range of offshore accounts that let you earn competitive interest rates. Choose between a fixed term deposit, a 32-day or 90-day notice period account.

  • Accounts for any ambition
    Whatever your savings goal, our accounts are designed to support your short, medium and long-term ambitions. Make the most of your money with one of our offshore savings products, matched your individual needs.
  • Your convenience
    To make your offshore banking easy and efficient, we offer telephone and online banking, and you can send funds to your account electronically in a range of currencies.
  • Channel Islands residents
    If you live in the Channel Islands you can open one of our Executive savings accounts in sterling only and different eligibility criteria apply.

Our offering

Whether you need immediate access to your savings, can tuck funds away on "notice" or would like the security of a fixed rate and term, we have an account for you.

Fixed Term Deposit Account

Earn a competitive interest rate on your offshore savings and protect your returns from rate fluctuations. Available in a range of currencies.

32-day Notice Account

Earn tiered interest on your savings and access your funds with 32 days’ notice via our Direct Reserve Account. 

90-day Notice Account

Earn a competitive rate of interest with no fixed term on our Horizon account. You can access your money with 90 days’ notice.

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