Charity Services

Specialist investment management

As a client, you will receive an expert and bespoke investment management service for your charity.


Expertise that you can trust

If you are looking to protect and build your charity’s investments, you can be confident you are in expert hands with us. We have been working with charities in the UK for more than 80 years and currently manage £3.4bn on behalf of nearly 1,200 charities*. 
*As at September 2019

Managing your charity's investments

It’s important that you receive the right asset allocation strategy, backed up with good sector and stock decisions. Our investment managers will work closely with you to understand your needs and design a strategy to achieve your objectives.

Your goals and ethical priorities

Whether you are aiming to grow your investments or generate income, your investment manager - not a relationship manager - will work with you to create your bespoke portfolio. This can be overlayed with your bespoke ethical policy.
COLWMA Winner 2019

City of London Wealth Management Awards 2019

Proud winners of  'Charity Investment Team of the Year'

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Mike Marsham

Head of Charities

To speak to a specialist about how we can build and manage your charity’s investments, please call us or complete our contact form.

Webinar: Managing investments in unprecedented times

How can Charities navigate their investment portfolios through the challenges of Coronavirus?

Michael Turner, Senior Investment Director touches on this, and discuss his thoughts on how the markets may evolve from here. Michael sits on our Collectives Committee, which makes recommendations on third-party collectives for inclusion in clients’ portfolio.

Our charity services

Performance and fees

By regularly reviewing your strategy and performance we can be sure that you are getting a bespoke and suitable service.

The Charities Team

For our client's benefit, we have recruited and retained high calibre fund managers for our specialist Charities Team.

Events and training

Take advantage of our free training and charity education seminars, designed to support your trustees and senior officers.

Third-sector partnerships

To ensure we give you the best possible service, we work with a number of specialists to maintain our knowledge of the sector and to provide you with the access to important learning opportunities. Your business will be allocated an investment manager with the most relevant specialist experience that matches your needs. This way, we build the best possible relationship with you.
Our charities team works alongside trusted partner organisations that specialise in supporting charity professionals, advisers and finance managers.

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Mike Marsham

Head of Charities

To speak to a specialist about how we can build and manage your charity’s investments, please call us or complete our contact form.

Useful documents for Charities

Jargon Buster - definitions of our investment terms explained
Charity Matters Autumn 2018 – Our Charity publication including articles on how easy it would be to impeach Trump, and ethical investment's move into the mainstream.
Charity Matters Spring 2018 – Our Charity publication including articles on the ideologies of Karl Marx within the current UK political context and investing in social housing among others.
Charities Investment Policy Guidelines - Providing trustees with helpful guidance when producing a written investment policy document
View From the Bridge April 2018 - our quarterly publication reflecting topical information and recent changes in world markets.