With an MEng in Manufacturing Engineering, MSc in Computer science, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a research fellowship at Imperial college looking at how to apply AI to "noisy" data sets, there's probably not a lot about AI that Tristan doesn't know,

More importantly, however, Tristan is an encyclopedia of how AI can be used in real world practical applications, having used it in everything from Algo trading; the Healthcare sector and - as we discover, fine wine trading.

Who better, then, to ask about recent developments, and their likely impact?

About the Investec Fintech Podcast

In a regular series of interviews, we chat to the leading lights of the UK’s Fintech sector, discussing their current businesses, their outlook for the sector as a whole, and also delving into their back stories and how they arrived at their current positions.

Podcast Host:

Mark James, Managing Director, Fintech