Cherry leads Hiro’s deal pipeline and focusses on games, media platforms and software investments. The team at Hiro have between them angelled over US$9bn worth of some extraordinary games, sports and technology brands and we delve into what Cherry is finding the most exciting at present.

We also cover her move into the Games sector after some fascinating experiences elsewhere. Cherry was the co-founder of e commerce brand Lovecrafts, and has spent a decade working with venture backed tech companies including Mimecast and others. She was previously at Boston consulting Group, has a first class degree from Cambridge and was voted Britain's coolest female founder by Business Insider.

It’s a long list – who better then to chat about what is exciting her the most in the Games sector?

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In a regular series of interviews, we chat to the leading lights of the UK’s Games sector, discussing their current businesses, their outlook for the sector as a whole, and also delving into their back stories and how they arrived at their current positions.

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