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08 Mar 2022

Market update: Tricky Transitions and Russia-Ukraine

In our latest market update webinar, Head of Investment Strategy John Wyn-Evans reviews the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. John also turns his attention to some of the big trends facing investors: the rise of multi-polar geopolitics, the easing of the pandemic, the road to zero carbon, and what we can expect from central bank policies.

Market update part 1: Russia-Ukraine

The war in Europe has taken markets by surprise. Hear about how it’s already impacting the continent’s politics and what the future implications may be for energy and commodities markets.

Market update part 2: Tricky Transitions

The world is changing rapidly, with several investment trends likely to dominate the investing landscape in the future. Hear John’s thoughts on:

  • The ‘multi-polar world’ that is emerging as more economies take a larger share of the world market

  • The subsiding of the pandemic and the changes that COVID-19 may leave behind

  • Changes to energy markets as economies reduce their reliance on carbon

  • Why inflation may be higher for longer

Market update part 3: What does this mean for portfolios?

Volatility will probably remain high, but there’s still no shortage of attractive long-term investment opportunities.

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