Niche, dynamic and bespoke structured investment capabilities for sophisticated clients.

Bespoke Investments is a specialised structured investment products business. We partner with Intermediaries to fully understand and address the specific client investment needs and requirements, allowing us to implement these in a tailor-made Outcomes-Based Investment (OBI) strategy.

What is Investec Bespoke Investments?

"By utilising and incorporating all of Investec’s resources and balance sheet capabilities, Bespoke Investments is able to capitalize on these synergies to provide clients with additional value add features."

Paul Mendes - Investec Bespoke Investments

Why Bespoke Investments?

  • Our clients

    Our products are suitable for Institutions, Corporates, Discretionary Fund Managers, Asset Managers and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).

  • Niche investments

    We focus on delivering truly niche, dynamic and bespoke structured investment capabilities to sophisticated clients.

  • Over 30 years experience

    Our team has a combined experience of dealing with High Net Worth Individuals in this bespoke OBI area of more than 30 years.

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Bespoke Investments products

Flexible Investment Hedge

The Flexible Investment Hedge is a dynamic structured equity hedging arrangement that provides investors with the ability to hedge their equities exposure.

  • Investors are able to tailor their own unique strategy, by gaining exposure to Hedge Reference Assets (HRA) of their choice, in accordance with their own hedging objectives and risk appetite. 
  • Provides investors with the flexibility to adjust their hedging strategy from time to time during the term by selecting substitute HRA from a list of eligible HRA.
  • Investors will be able to enter and adjust their hedging strategy in a seamless manner, and benefit from having their exposure to the selected HRA via a single hedging arrangement.
  • The Investec FIH reduces many of the costs and constraints associated with traditional equity hedging arrangements. 

Meet the Bespoke Investments team

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