Investec Life Local Investment Policy

Investing made easy with tax efficient benefits

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The Investec Life Local Investment Policy is for investors looking for an investment plan that has a minimum term of five years with tax efficiencies.


5 years

Provides an after-tax, fixed investment return over five years


You only need to make one upfront contribution


Minimum investment

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Investment options

Access underlying investment options that may not be available elsewhere.

Tax efficiency

  • Reduced tax administration:  Investec Life will manage your tax calculations, payments and reporting.
  • Beneficial tax rates: Investments in the endowment are taxed at rates applicable to the classification of groups of policyholders, not tax rates applicable to individual investors. This can prove to be beneficial for individuals in the highest income tax bracket.

Estate administration efficiency

  • Policy and proceeds are excluded from the lengthy estate process. On the death of an individual policyholder, if beneficiaries have been nominated, the policy will be excluded from the calculation of executor’s fees and also from the estate windup process, which can prove lengthy.
  • The policy or proceeds are transferred directly to the beneficiaries nominated by the policyholder. The policy may be excluded from the pool of assets pursuable by an investor’s creditors (subject to certain conditions, for example, that the policy has been held for at least three years).
  • Who should invest?

    • Investors requiring a fixed return for a fixed time horizon of at least five years.
    • Investors who are in a high tax bracket and are likely to remain in that bracket.
  • How do I invest?

    Please contact your financial adviser to get more information about investment policies currently offered by Investec Life.