Other Services

for Financial Service Providers from Investec Wealth & Investment

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  • Transparent Reports, Valuations and Consolidated Tax Statements

    Daily updated valuations are available online and statements are provided on a monthly basis. Consolidated tax statements are prepared at the end of each tax year. We provide detailed information on the movements within the discretionary mandates on an ad hoc basis and on request.

  • Online Access

    FSP partners (and if required, your clients) can access their portfolio valuations and statements online via our dedicated website. Both local and offshore portfolios can be viewed seamlessly through one login.

  • Competitive and Transparent Charging Structure

    Our management fees are in line with industry standards. We do not charge performance fees on our discretionary segregated portfolios. Nor do we charge entry or exit fees on any investment solutions. All fees are fully disclosed and transparent. Please see the Fee Schedule for Clients of Financial Service Providers for further details.

  • Flexible Income Payments

    We collect all dividends and interest on your clients’ behalf and can arrange for income to be paid into a designated bank account on a regular basis. Alternatively, we can offer standing order and drawdown facilities. For your clients’ protection we will not make payment to any third party.

  • In Specie Transfers

    This service allows for the transfer of existing segregated share portfolios to your new account with us without encashment (subject to any restrictions with your existing provider).

  • Investment Restrictions

    We accommodate investment restrictions in the management of your investments. For example: retaining an existing holding, avoiding investment in a particular company or sector, or placing a limit on exposure to a particular region or asset class.

  • Timing and Phasing of Investments

    Timing of investment of new capital can be an important determinant of overall returns, particularly when markets are volatile. A strategy will be agreed to and documented when phasing in new investments on your clients’ behalf.

  • Flexibility to Access Capital

    With no exit penalties or lock up periods, funds can generally be made available in five working days, should you need them to meet unplanned or an unforeseen requirement. We do however recommend that most strategies should be seen as long term investments.

  • Client Protection

    Client assets are segregated from W&I assets. Regulators require clients’ cash to be held in a separate trust account, or in a designated client funds account and client securities are to be held in approved nominee companies.

  • Investment Performance Measured Against Agreed Benchmarks

    The performance of all portfolios is measured against an agreed benchmark. This comparison allows you to easily monitor if we are adding value to your client over the long term.

  • Long Term Relationships

    All great relationships and long term partnerships begin with a conversation. We welcome any questions you may have.