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Driven by geared instruments

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Get exposure to underlying share movements in both developed and emerging markets. Partner with a team that has experience in originating and structuring products across a range of instruments.

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Serving all your needs with intelligent and innovative solutions.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

CFDs provide you with margined exposure to blue chip shares. Benefit from real-time position management and low cost market exposure.

IDX Futures

Gain exposure to international securities without any of the complications normally associated with cross border financial transactions.

Exchange traded notes

Invest through exchange traded notes and gain access to markets and strategies usually limited to institutional type investors and traders.

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Single stock futures

Amplify your exposure to movements in a wider range of shares by trading JSE listed single stock futures.


Modify your risk profile through the leverage that warrants provide.

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Customised solutions

Gain from exposure to a wide range of equity-linked investments as well as trading, hedging and risk management products designed to serve your specific market views.

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The right investment partner

Whether you are a retail or wholesale participant, you can make the markets work for you by teaming up with a partner that has expertise in market making, arbitrage and principal trading in equities and equity derivatives.