Gain exposure to international securities without any of the complications normally associated with cross-border financial transactions.

Learn how easy it is to get your favourite international shares in rands.

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Global opportunities

Diversify your exposure to financial markets using a wide range of internationally listed shares and exchange traded funds. When you invest through IDX Futures you receive convenient and easy access to global sectors through shares and ETFs.

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Make investing easy

By simply trading a rand denominated futures, it is possible to obtain international equity exposure without any of the complications normally associated with cross border financial transactions. Receive low cost trading in highly recognised stocks.

Know more

What are IDX Futures

Making investing globally easy

IDX futures provide exposure to international equities in a cost-effective way without the difficult logistics. They are margined investments, listed on the JSE in rands, and provide investors with easy access to an expansive equity trading universe offshore.

Now you can gain exposure to all your favourite shares abroad, by buying IDX futures on Apple in the United States, Tencent in Hong Kong and Hammerson in the United Kingdom, all through the JSE.

Key features

IDX Futures offer you:

  • exposure to an offshore equity as well as to the relevant currency of that equity
  • margined investment marked-to-market daily by the JSE. 
  • gearing ratios range from 1X to 10X
  • rand-denominated future listed on the JSE
  • no minimum trade size provided that you meet the minimum share quantities per exchange
  • daily liquidity during SA business hours 08h30 – 17h30.

Important dates & information

Don't miss out

Trading Universe

The JSE publishes a daily file of all listed derivative contracts. IDX futures can be easily identified by looking for International Derivatives in the Category column.


IDX futures have quarterly expiries just like any other JSE future. Relevant expiry dates for 2017 are:

  • 18 March 2018
  • 19 June 2018
  • 17 September 2018
  • 17 December 2018

Is this product right for you?

The product may be right for you if:

  • you are looking for a way to gain exposure to offshore equities in North America, the UK, Asia, Europe and Australia
  • you are comfortable with having exposure to foreign currency
  • you are looking for a trading product that offers enhanced upside as well as enhanced downside
  • you have a SAFEX account with a JSE-registered stockbroker.

How to Invest

Make sure you understand all the variables

If you are unsure how this listed instrument works or whether it is suitable for your investment needs, please seek advice from your investment manager or financial advisor.

IDX futures can be traded through any JSE-registered equity derivatives broker in South Africa. If you don’t currently have a SAFEX account, please leave your details on our contact form above and we’ll assist you.


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