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Tailored life cover, designed specifically for your family’s needs

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Investec Life brings you tailored, efficient life cover that protects your family and your assets and adapts according to your changing needs.

Your family is your world. You do everything you can to support and provide for them, and there’s no reason you’d want that to change if you were to pass away. It’s hard to think about dying, but there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that having life cover brings. To know that even after your death, the ones you love would continue to be as financially secure as they are now.  

Protect your family for the long run

With the life cover payout, your family can maintain their lifestyles, continue with their education and keep the assets you’ve left behind. This means your wealth is protected and that you leave a legacy. It can also provide a replacement income, settle any outstanding debts or liabilities you might have, and pay estate duty costs. As a partner, spouse or parent, having this in place helps you sleep well at night.

Don’t pay for life insurance you don’t need

At Investec Life, we understand that no family or individual is the same and change is the only constant. Rather than basing your life cover on generic population groups, we match your cover precisely to where you are in your life stage. Because we see you as an individual, beyond the data, we can design and price your life cover according to your very specific needs.

No hold-ups

Your main beneficiary will receive an upfront payout while we assess your life cover claim. We make the first payment of up to R100,000 within two business days.

Your main beneficiary chooses

Investec Life Cover is flexible. For large payouts, your main beneficiary will have the option to select a lump sum or have the benefit amount paid out in instalments.

Investec One Place™

It makes sense that you can bank, invest, and can now protect all in One Place™ and through Investec Rewards, you can earn Rewards points on your monthly premium.

Investec Funeral Cover

When someone in your family dies, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of the funeral. Investec Life’s Funeral Cover provides the funds for a dignified funeral - either your own, your direct family or your extended family, up to ten individuals on one policy. There is no waiting period on accidental death.

Leave a meaningful legacy

Important point to note

Premiums are age-rated and not guaranteed, which means that each year on your policy anniversary (because you are a year older) your premium will most likely increase for the same level of cover.

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One Place™

Through Investec. One Place™ we give you access to our full suite of banking and investment services, both locally and internationally, enabling you to create, grow, preserve and protect your wealth through us.


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