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Buying a home is a big investment. In fact, for most people, it’s the biggest purchase they will ever make.

But a home is much more than its market value. It’s a place where families are raised, and memories are made. A place for holidays, getaways, and hideaways. For many of us, our home is the one space we can be fully ourselves. Isn’t that something worth protecting?

With Mortgage Protection Cover from Investec Life, the outstanding balance on your Investec Private Home Loan is directly settled with Investec Private Banking on your death, ensuring your home stays in the family. Think of it like life cover for your home loan, there to step in when you can’t.

Our Mortgage Protection Cover benefit can be enhanced with Accelerated Disability Cover, an optional add-on benefit, to ensure that your home loan can also be settled in the event of a permanent disability.

We offer the most efficient cover on the market, with premiums that automatically adjust to your home loan balance, saving you up to 50% in premiums over the term of your policy.

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The Investec Life difference

Save on premiums

Your premium adjusts to your outstanding home loan balance every month, saving you up to 50% over the term of your policy, compared to traditional life insurances policies on the market.

Flexible cover

Get immediate cover on an existing Investec Private Home Loan or on your new Investec Private Home Loan while your bond is being registered, or chose to have cover start once the bond is registered.

Enhance your benefit

Accelerated Disability Cover ensures that the outstanding balance on your home loan is settled if you suffer from an illness or injury that leaves you permanently disabled, or covers monthly interest charged on your home loan if you’re temporary disabled, until you recover, or for a maximum of 24 months.

Trusted partner

Your loved ones have a single point of contact, instead of trying to contact a host of other financial providers.

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