Mortgage Protection Cover

Efficient mortgage protection insurance that adjusts according to your home loan

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Investec brings you a first in South Africa: efficient Mortgage Protection Cover, where your premiums adjust according to your home loan balance.

Buying a property is a significant step in creating wealth and securing your partner's, children's or parents’ future, and it makes complete sense that you continue to safeguard this asset for them after you pass away.

Your home is your family’s place of refuge. It’s where memories and dreams are made. There's a priceless sense of comfort that comes with knowing your nearest and dearest won't lose sleep trying to keep a roof over their heads or repay your home loan after you're gone.

With Mortgage Protection Cover from Investec Life, we'll automatically settle your outstanding Investec Private Home Loan upon your death - alleviating this burden from your family in what is already going to be a difficult time for them.
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Watch your premiums automatically adjust to your outstanding home loan balance.

Signing up for home loan insurance is often compulsory when you secure a home loan through a bank. Most often, these traditional products are also expensive and one-size-fits-all, rather than catering to your specific needs. And why should you pay for cover you don’t need?

We believe it's only logical to have home loan insurance that adapts to your outstanding Private Home Loan balance. Our Private Banking clients typically pay off their home loans considerably sooner than the full home loan term, and far faster than the industry average – usually within five years. So for them, it doesn’t make sense to buy a traditional mortgage protection policy to cover that kind of debt.

This is where Investec Mortgage Protection Cover breaks with convention. We’ve designed a truly innovative, intelligent solution exclusively for our Private Banking clients. A solution that works harder for you while you’re still alive.

What makes Investec Mortgage Protection Cover extraordinary is that you only pay while you need it, and only on your outstanding home loan balance. While your home loan balance is rapidly decreasing, your monthly premiums shouldn’t stay the same.

Your premiums are automatically adjusted every month, so there’s no wasted portion of your monthly payment. Compared with traditional mortgage protection insurance, this could save you as much as 16 months’ home loan instalments on a 20-year term bond.

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Elegantly simple

We believe that simplicity – though never at the expense of comprehensiveness – equals sophistication. So while we’ve created flexible, tailored home loan insurance that pushes the boundaries, we also offer you the choice several high-tech, high-touch modern processes through which you can apply for the cover that is right for you. So that your experience is simple, easy and uncomplicated.

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Investec Life’s Mortgage Protection Cover helps you settle your outstanding Investec Private Home Loan upon your death.

Choose from one of three options

Cover on your existing Investec Private Home Loan

Your Mortgage Protection Cover will start immediately to cover your current home loan/s or from the beginning of the following month.

Immediate cover on your new Investec Private Home Loan

While your bond is in the process of being registered, you can apply for immediate Mortgage Protection Cover. So you have comprehensive cover, even while your home is being transferred into your name.

Cover on registration of your bond

Mortgage Protection Cover for your Investec Private Home Loan will only start when the house is transferred into your name.

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It’s simple and easy to apply. Log into Investec Online or the Investec App. Click on the ‘Protect’ tab. Click on 'Life insurance'.

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