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Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. The fact is, nothing can replace the years of training and experience it’s taken to get to where you are today. If you’re unable to work because of illness or injury, income protection insurance is designed to replace your income so you can meet your monthly financial commitments.

Investec Life offers you efficient and comprehensive Income Protection Cover that adapts to your changing life needs and maintains your income when you cannot.

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What is Income Protection Cover?

If you’re off work or unable to perform your occupational duties because of a temporary illness or injury, Investec Life’s Income Protection Cover pays you up to 75% of your net of tax income each month. This can be increased by up to 25% with Investec Life’s Temporary Income TopUp Cover.

Note: if you become permanently disabled, your Income Protection Cover can be upgraded to cover up to 100% of your net of tax income.

Do I need Income protection cover?

Did you know that you’re more likely to be off work for an extended period of time than you are to die before retirement? Income protection cover gives you the security you need to effectively be “paid” even when you cannot work.

What is covered under this benefit?

Income protection helps you maintain your monthly financial commitments when you cannot work. That means you never have to miss a debit order, paying for your child’s education, or downscale your lifestyle while you recover or live with a permanent disability.

How does Income Protection Cover work?

Income protection helps you to manage your earnings gap when you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Income Protection Cover from Investec Life is a standalone product, which means you do not need to take out Life Cover to qualify for Income Protection Cover.

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If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, Income Protection Cover ensures that you can meet your monthly financial commitments.

The Investec Life difference

Efficient cover

If you are permanently unable to work, Investec Life can upgrade your payout to 100% of your net of tax income. In addition, you can buy Income Protection Cover as a standalone benefit, without the need for Life Cover.

Comprehensive benefits

We base your payouts on objective medical criteria or consider your specific job-related duties. If you’re a self-employed or a professional, Investec Life can backdate your qualifying claims to the first day you’re off work.

Enhance your benefit: Temporary Income TopUp Cover

You can enhance your Income Protection Cover with Investec Life’s Temporary Income TopUp Cover, which ensures you are covered for up to 100% of your net of tax income when you are temporarily unable to work for up to 24 months.