08 Mar 2024

Women's golf attracts new investment

Investec welcomes Danielle du Toit to its team of sponsored golfers

Investec signs 25-year-old pro-golfer Danielle du Toit

Long-time women's sport advocate, Investec, has announced the sponsorship of professional golfer, Danielle du Toit. This investment is the latest development in the rapidly expanding sporting category, and aptly coincides with the 2024 International Women’s Day celebration of female achievement.

In what she describes as the most exciting time for women's sport in history, du Toit says that the crucial success factor behind not only individual sporting success, but the overall elevation of women’s golf, is consistency. “Across the globe and here in South Africa we are seeing the massive growth of women’s golf, creating exciting new opportunities for players, and encouraging more participation than ever before. This has been made possible by steadfast strength and tenacity of female athletes, and the investment and commitment that organisations like Investec have shown to women’s golf over the past decade,” she says.

Commenting on the steadily increasing interest and support of women’s golf in South Africa, Peta Dixon, head of sponsorships at Investec, explains the importance of the development of homegrown female talent in the game. “Golf is both a strong passion point for so many South Africans, and a significant driver of socio-economic benefits in the country. Contributing an estimated R49 billion to our economy, or roughly 4% of our GDP, the industry accounts for about 40,000 crucial jobs annually.

“We have long seen the value of this industry and continue to actively push the agenda of gender equality, belonging, inclusion and diversity through golf. We obviously have some way to go – but we’re proud of the journey we’ve made to date, and we would like to see spectators and other sponsors join us in elevating women’s sport in South Africa,” Dixon adds.

Among the many ways that Investec plays a pivotal role in supporting women’s golf in South Africa includes the brand’s long-standing partnership with the Sunshine Ladies Tour, celebrating its 11th anniversary this year, as well as its increased contribution to the SA Women’s Open – celebrating the 31st edition this year. Thanks to the organisation’s commitment, the Sunshine Ladies Tour now offer the biggest prize purse in southern Africa, seeing players competing for €320,000 (approximately R6,5 million) this year, with the winner receiving €51,200 (over R1,05 million). “We proudly support local talent on a global stage and believe that our investment and continued sponsorship of talented up and coming professionals will go a long way towards affording more female golfers the opportunity to not only play and perform, but to earn well too,” Dixon continues.

In addition, Investec is the proud title sponsor of the Investec South African Women's Open, Investec Order of Merit and the Investec Homegrown Award. Other Investec-sponsored professional players include Nicole Garcia, Stacy Bregman and Zethu Myeki in South Africa, as well as Irish player Stephanie Meadow. Setting the ambitious goal for herself to achieve top 20 status on the Ladies European Tour Order of Merit and a 70-stroke average as she joins the ranks of such Out of the Ordinary talent, du Toit offers her words of wisdom to other aspiring new female sports stars, “Be open to advice and be willing to learn, but never lose sight of who you are and what your strengths are. Your belief in your own abilities is one of your greatest assets.”