Growing potential exponentially

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Promaths provides extra tuition in maths and science to learners in grades 10 to 12 at selected schools across South Africa.

  • 17 years of extraordinary results

    What first began in Dobsonville, Soweto, 17 years ago, has grown enormously. To date over 10,000 school children have been through the programme and in 2021, a staggering 355 distinctions in maths and 346 distinctions in science were achieved.


  • Beyond the classroom

    Promaths is a powerful partnership between Investec and Kutlwanong Maths, Science and Technology Centre. The programme provides extra tuition in maths and science to high school learners who show potential in these subjects.

  • Goodwill with impact

    Our flagship, award-winning Promaths programme, seeks to support the South African education system to produce students that are competent in maths and science - the two subjects deemed most vital for the ongoing growth of our economy. Investec wants to help produce today, the accountants, scientists, engineers, and even the astronauts of tomorrow.

  • Ever growing reach

    Investec currently funds 10 centres across the country, with over 5,000 learners part of the Promaths programme. The impact the programme is having on the children and the larger communities in which they operate is awe-inspiring.

Promaths online

When the first COVID-19 lockdown measures were announced in 2020, the programme’s normal activities were interrupted, and the success and continuity of the programme was threatened. However, the swift response by Investec and all stakeholders saw the programme making a significant change by adopting a hybrid model, which delivered lessons face-to-face and virtually in what became the introduction of Promaths Online. Initially piloted in 2020, Promaths Online on-boarded learners in their final year of high school. Following the successful pilot, the focus shifted to include grade 10 and 11 learners in 2021 and the programme has continued to deliver results despite the change in format. 

Kamva Goso 2018 Promaths learner
Kamva Goso, former Promaths learner and top performer

I achieved 99% in maths, 100% in science, 7 distinctions, and an overall average of 96%. Promaths has made it possible for black children from townships that lack resources to be able to achieve excellent results as if they attend a quintile 5 school.

Nonhlakanipho Msibi, Former Promaths learner / Investec
Nonhlakanipho Msibi, former Promaths learner

I went from 37% in maths and 32% in accounting to 91% and 94% respectively, in one year.

promaths 2020 awards image
2020 Promaths top achievers are recognised at the Promaths awards ceremony in Johannesburg

Celebrating the top 2020 Promaths performers from Dobsonville

Celebrating the top 2020 Promaths performers from Dobsonville

15 years of excellence

A handful of men and women describe the life-changing impact Promaths has had on them.

Promaths image

Winner of the Trialogue Strategic CSI Award 2019.


Highlights for the past year:


distinctions in maths from 1,230 Promaths learners


distinctions in science from 1,230 Promaths learners


contribution of the country’s national distinctions in maths and science in 2021

Spreading the Promaths’ story to universities

Total number of learners that went through Promaths in 2021

The Promaths journey doesn’t come to an end when young adults matriculate. Voluntary Promaths alumni have formed an executive committee across various universities, to help the programme become self-sustainable. Through spreading the Promaths’ story across campuses, the prominence and value of the programme is sustained, and future learners are encouraged to take part. The Promaths alumni pillars have been established as: Support, Connect, Motivate, and Empower. 

Promaths Bursary Fund

The Promaths Bursary Fund (PBF) was launched in early 2017. The PBF provides bursaries to Promaths alumni who are academically and financially deserving, improving their chances of completing their tertiary studies. In 2021, the PBF received financial support from Investec, the Entrepreneurship Development Trust (EDT) and Ninety One for 74 full cost university bursaries for students pursuing degrees that require a good matric maths pass (2020: 26 bursaries). Of the 74 beneficiary students, 20 of them completed their studies at the end of 2021.