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05 Jul 2021

High LTV mortgage for recently promoted legal Partner

Investec Mortgage Intermediaries team

A lawyer wanted to secure a mortgage with 85% LTV following a recent promotion to Equity Partner.

The client:

A broker recently introduced a client to Investec who had recently made Equity Partner at an international law firm. The Partner received his income in US dollars and was looking to secure a four bed house in Chelsea, with a purchase price of £3.9m. 


The challenge: 

Due to the client only recently starting to earn at Partner level, the required NAV fell below target criteria. The Partner wanted to keep an existing property and therefore needed a high loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage to secure his new home.   


The solution:

Investec is able to assess each case on its own merits and works with many clients on an upward career trajectory. As our team is experienced in working with law partners and comfortable with foreign currency income, we were able to provide an interest-only mortgage for a 20-year term, with mandatory capital reductions. The client’s income was likely to be maintained over time and the debt repaid with surplus income.  

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