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Closure Notice

As of 1 April 2020, we are no longer offering new Deposit Plans or Investment Plans.

After 12 years, Investec Bank plc has taken the decision to stop offering new structured products in the UK retail market via IFAs. We will continue to support all existing Plans as they continue over the coming years. For further information please contact your financial adviser.  


Investec Bank plc has been an active issuer of Structured Products in the UK advised retail market since 2008.

Since launching, Investec Structured Products has won best Structured Products provider by various industry bodies and has most recently won the Best Structured Products provider for the ninth year in a row at the ILP Moneyfacts Awards 2018.

We offer consistently available Structured Deposits and Structured Investments to provide our clients with investment opportunities with clearly defined risk/reward scenarios. Our product offering complements traditional equity and cash investments by generating a clear, pre-defined return in a variety of market scenarios, as well as potentially delivering compelling performance in their own right.

This is supported by our products’ track record since 2008:


  • Recently hit a milestone of £4 billion worth of maturities
  • Generated £668M of wealth for our clients
  • Average return of 7.64% p.a. (5.39% p.a. return on deposits and 9.28%
    p.a. for investments)
  • 1,024 matured products, of which only 19 did not produce an investment
    return, but importantly still returned investors’ capital in full

We believe that this is a testament to our holistic and conservative approach to product design, whereby probability of return is deemed more important than a product’s headline rate.
We are constantly striving to improve and where appropriate, our structuring specialists can work directly with your business in developing tailored investments to maximise market opportunities.


Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Some of our Plans put capital at risk. Figures correct as at 19/10/18.

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