Your personal and professional lives are linked. We take the time to understand your co-invest and carry cycles and offer private banking services that match your needs.


Dedicated private equity team

At the heart of your service is:

  • A team of private bankers dedicated to private equity professionals
  • Access to a network of world-class specialists

The flexibility you need

If your earnings are tied up in your private equity fund, that’s not a problem. Your banker will:

  • Take the time to understand your income patterns, then tailor a solution that meets your needs
  • Provide you with expertise and effective strategies  – from advice and capital to insight and ideas
Channon Allen-Gulley
Channon Allen-Gulley, private banker

Like you, I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and finding new solutions. I am empowered to make decisions and act on them.

Our everyday banking solutions are built to work on your terms, not ours. We keep things simple, efficient and, most importantly, transparent.



Join a private bank that gets you

Our private banking products and services

Mortgages and lending

We assess each mortgage application personally, looking at the full picture, including bonuses, carried interest and vesting stock. We like to think that no income structure is ever too complicated.

Everyday banking

If you want benefits that go beyond banking look no further than our Out of the Ordinary day-to-day solutions, providing you with access to a wide range of global benefits and features designed to support your lifestyle. 

Wealth Management

Your personal and professional lives are often intertwined, our specialists in Investec Wealth & Investment understand this and offer investment advice tailored to your individual circumstances.