Investec Rhino Lifeline

Time is running out for the African Rhino. So in 2012, we established Investec Rhino Lifeline, aiming to ensure future generations are not robbed of the breathtaking experience of seeing a rhino in the wild. Efforts to save this species are limited if people living close to the rhino's habitat don't buy into the value of conserving our rich wildlife assets. We partner with NGOs and amplify the work they do in communities living alongside important wildlife territories, especially Bushbuckridge, bordering the Kruger National Park in South Africa. We enable youth education and rhino rescue by partnering with specialists in these two critical areas of rhino conservation and we use our international brand to raise awareness, funds, and donations.

rhino on grasslands
rhino on grasslands

More than just rhino

conservationists harvesting spinach
Working towards a cleaner, more resilient and inclusive world

Eight years ago, when rhinos were being decimated, Investec acted to help save this magnificent species before it was too late.

Since then, we have supported the rescue and rehabilitation of dozens of rhino orphans, raised awareness with millions of people internationally, reached thousands of children in South Africa with conservation learning, and provided conservation learnerships to hundreds of youths through the Youth Employment Service (YES). 

We believe that investing in biodiversity and inclusive conservation is vital to sustaining our rich wildlife and will lead to a better future for us all. 

Lappet-faced vulture head and shoulders
Vultures are vital to our ecosystems and we must protect the alarming population decline

Investec Rhino Lifeline recognises the critical role that vultures and other birds of prey play in our ecosystems. That's why we're proud to partner with the Hawk Conservancy Trust (HCT) and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to help preserve these critically endangered and highly threatened species. 

If action is not taken now 11 of the 16 vulture species globally are at risk of extinction. As a result we have joined forces with HCT and EWT to support a critical vulture poison response training project in the Kruger National Park and throughout Southern Africa in an effort to prevent further population decline.

In the UK, through our partnership with HCT, we are supporting the rehabilitation of birds of prey and their release back into the wild, as well as a conservation education project to protect these apex predators.

Our partners in Education

Pivotal in the fight to save rhino, our conservation education partners educate children in local communities, increasing awareness on the importance of caring for wildlife and the critical contribution that tourism and conservation present for employment and career opportunities. We have worked closely with Coaching Conservation since 2013 and Good Work Foundation since 2016, in that time reaching 29,000 children.

Our partners in Rhino Rescue

The rescue of rhino calves and poaching survivors is essential to the ultimate survival of the species and provides an important awareness platform and fundraising vehicle, and our rescue partners do vital and pioneering work in communities. We have supported both Care for Wild and the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) since 2017, in that time seeing the rescue of over 90 rhino and release of 37 back into the wild.

Our partners in Pangolin Rescue

With illegal wildlife trade plundering pangolin populations, we are thrilled to extend a lifeline to these shy noturnal creatures so sought after for their scales. Johannesburg Wildlife Vets (JWVH) are creating a dedicated veterinary ward just for the treatment of pangolin rescued from trafficking.  Since 2017, JWVH have treated over 138 pangolin, successfully releasing 80% We are delighted  to fund their new vet ward, and look forward to supporting pangolin rescue. 

Investec Rhino Lifeline educates kids to care about themselves and their environmental inheritance. 
Investec Rhino Lifeline educates kids to care about themselves and their environmental inheritance. 
Investec Rhino Lifeline supports the care and rehabilitation of rhinos orphaned through poaching.
Investec Rhino Lifeline supports the care and rehabilitation of rhinos orphaned through poaching.

Investec Rhino Lifeline is extending support to the care and rehabilitation of pangolin rescued from IWT.

Wind turbines with birds in field
Renewable energy: reducing the impact on birds and their habitat

Investec's power and infrastructure finance team has supported BirdLife South Africa since 2012. Our aim is to understand and minimise the negative impact that renewable energy can have on birds and their habitat. Renewable energy, both wind and solar, is an essential and necessary part of our response to climate change, but it can have unintended negative impact. With appropriate planning and assessment, and ensuring our projects and clients adhere to international best practice, any negative repercussions can be minimised. 

How Rhino Lifeline helps


By educating the youth in rural communities to care about rhino, we develop rhino custodians of the future.


Every rhino counts. When rhino mothers are poached, young calves are left orphaned and injured.

Demand reduction

We recognise that demand reduction is critical to winning the war on poaching, and focus specifically on Vietnam and China.


We not only educate the youth, but also involve them in creating conservation solutions. We have partnered with two NGOs in this area: Coaching for Conservation and the Good Work Foundation


With the appropriate care, orphaned and injured baby rhinos can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. We have partnered with two organisations in this area: Care for Wild and Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

Demand reduction

Investec Rhino Lifeline leverages the bank’s international brand and presence to raise awareness in the key consumer countries of China and Vietnam. As Rhino Ambassador and Vietnamese Popstar Than Bui says, "We have to educate the children who will then educate the parents. Education is the key to this process. When the kids speak, the adults will listen."

How to donate

All donations are for injured or orphaned rhino and go directly to the cause you feel passionate about. Select the cause on the left to view the relevant donation information.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

Donate to Care for Wild Rhino

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC)

Donate to rescued rhino at HESC

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