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Welcome to Investec Mauritius, a distinctive bank. We know you need solutions relevant to your needs and ambitions, so we fashion everything we do around you, the client.


Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited Information sheet

This information sheet applies in respect of all deposit accounts with Investec Bank (Mauritius) Limited (“Investec Mauritius” or “we”) and contains pertinent information in connection with our accounts.

Investec Mauritius was established in 1997 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investec.

Why to choose Investec Mauritius

Mauritius is an international financial centre with a range of attractive tax benefits for foreign investors.

You benefit from personalised, specialised services within this favourable environment.

Advantages to you

  • Competitive rates and distinctive multi-currency deposits and loans
  • Specialist services in cross border transactions
  • Multi-currency, transactional online banking
  • Highly personalised service to individual and corporate clients
Grant Parsons

At Investec Bank Mauritius, we pride ourselves on having a strong organizational culture which enables our people to flourish and realize their true potential. We give a new meaning to Out of the Ordinary.

Grant Parsons, Investec Mauritius CEO

For any further information, contact client relations in Mauritius

Bank of Mauritius fees, charges and commissions

Statement of principal interest rates and service charges

Communique – Mauritius

Fraudulent fund transfers

Fraudulent fund transfers

The Mauritius Bankers Association (MBA) wishes, on behalf of its members, to alert bank customers to a specific type of fraud involving fraudulent e-mails claiming to emanate from their foreign suppliers.

Tip-offs and complaints – Mauritius

Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous

Investec Mauritius commits itself to provide safe and effectively managed facilities for reporting of unethical conduct. Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous provide an independent whistle blowing service on behalf of Investec. 

Reports may be made anonymously and the details of the reporting person are not disclosed.

Contact support – Mauritius

Any incidents of unethical conduct may be reported to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous via any of the following avenues:



Complaints – Mauritius

If you are dissatisfied with Investec Mauritius' service, please contact our complaints' officer:


Lara Vaudin

I have always focused on the transformation and sustainability of women in our workplace. My role as COO is not only to commit to excellence in a competitive industry, but to make sure our people wear their unique zebra stripes with pride in an out of the ordinary manner while accomplishing their personal goals.

Lara Vaudin, Investec Bank Mauritius COO

How is Investec Mauritius dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic?


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