Mauritius Specialised Finance and Lending

Specialist expertise delivered with dedication and energy.

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Finding a suitable partner to help with your specialised finance or lending requirements in emerging market economies can be difficult.

You need someone with a proven track record and global footprint to guide you.

The Investec Specialised Finance and Lending team offers:

  • Customised debt and equity products
  • Medium to long-term structured finance
  • Structured aircraft finance
  • Commodity-based finance
  • General lending activities
  • Cash-backed lending services
  • Exclusive residential and commercial property finance, especially in South Africa
  • Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS) and Real Estate Schemes (RES) in Mauritius
  • Efficient vehicle financing to maximise the benefits of the extensive double tax treaty network
  • Ability for you to use your own investment portfolio as collateral (we may not necessarily hold or manage this portfolio)

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