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Shares and Dividends

Shares and Dividends

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Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar 2022

Date Announcement
18-Mar-22 Pre-close briefing
19-May-22 Year end results
04-Aug-22 AGM
23-Sep-22 Pre-close briefing
17-Nov-22 Interim results

Investment Case

Investment Case

Poised to deliver shareholder value in the long term

1. Clearly articulated plan to improve returns, underpinned by:

  • Increased focus on capital discipline and cost rationalisation
  • Reinforcement of the existing linkages between bank and wealth businesses and the UK and South African operations
  • Strategies to participate in new profit pools which are underway and gaining traction

2. Well capitalised and highly liquid balance sheet, both ahead of regulatory and internal targets

3. Specialist Bank has leading client franchises in chosen niches / areas of specialisation

4. Leading wealth management franchises in both the UK and South Africa, underpinning steady annuity income

5. Our clients have historically shown resilience through difficult macro environments

6. Strategy to manage down direct equity investments de-risks future performance and improves earnings visibility

Group Structure

Group Structure

Investec has a Dual Listed Companies (DLC) structure

In November 2001, we received permission from the Minister of Finance and the South African Reserve Bank to establish a Dual Listed Companies (DLC) structure with linked companies listed in London and Johannesburg.

Other Shareholder Documents

Other Shareholder Documents

Group generic presentation
Group factsheet
2021 Corporate profile
Group structure
Investec group - Sustainability factsheet


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