the undefinables

The Undefinables

Meet the young professionals who refuse to let others define their careers, ideals and aspirations.

You’ll be sure to find inspiration for your own career and life – so make this your lunch time listen.

How to make it as a young professional in South Africa today – an inspiring 4-part podcast series just for you.

Hulisani Ravele gets the stories, the secrets and the full scoop on these extraordinary personalities and their success.

Episode 1

The future business leaders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, engineers, and creative geniuses don’t like to be defined as just “one thing.” Meet eight SA young professionals who are redefining what is possible and rewriting the script in every aspect of their lives.

"To be undefinable, for me, that's living your ultimate life and in every facet of your being."
- Dr Sivu Matekana
Episode 2

You have seen them on social media and on professional sites like LinkedIn. That’s only half the story. What is it really like to be a rule-breaker, a game-changer, and a young professional living your side-hustle? Will the real Undefinable please stand up?

"As global citizens, which we all are, we must have a better understanding of the world around us. That's the only way that we will thrive and build business in a different way."
- Catherine Constanides
Episode 3

Some lessons in life, in a career, in entrepreneurship are hard-won and never forgotten. How can they help you with your own career and life? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Listen to how these brave, successful and inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs made it to the top. One thing is for sure – the journey is never conventional.

"The continent of Africa is young, vibrant, people are hungry and want to prove themselves and grow."
 - Anthony Bila
Episode 4

The future is always a bit daunting if you don’t know what is around the corner. How do you prepare for a career that has possibly not yet been created? What does the future look like for young professionals? Our eight extraordinary stars help you navigate tomorrow.

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