Father and son learning financial literacy

11 Jul 2022

A beginner’s guide – a webinar series for today’s youth

In the context of an extraordinary ever-changing world, Investec understands the importance of securing your financial future and that of your family. 

Our latest webinar series will help the young adults in your family (16 to 22 year olds) become financially savvy.

A beginner’s guide to banking and keeping your money safe

Jada Eagar will explain how banking works and demystify the banking industry. Kevin Hogan will discuss fraud basics and how to keep hard-earned money safe from fraudsters.

A beginner’s guide to savings

Whether its saving for a holiday or a deposit on a first car or simply the latest pair of sneakers, Maya Fisher-French will explain how to practically plan, budget and save. 

A beginner’s guide to investing

Maya Fisher-French will outline the power of time and compounding interest. Chanel Jooste will explain the different types of investment vehicles, such as unit trusts, exchange-traded funds and shares.

A beginner’s guide to winning that first job

Kate Jackson will outline the different steps of getting that dream job. She will share tips and tools to help candidates stand out - from how to get selected for an interview to acing the job from day one.

We discuss banking and how to keep their money safe from fraud. We will empower them to start thinking about managing their money, from budgeting and setting savings goals to investing for the future. We will also assist in preparing them for their first job interview.

Hosted by well-known South African personal financial journalist, Maya Fisher-French, the four webinars feature a qualified leadership coach, Kate Jackson and Investec experts.

About the speakers

Jada Eagar is a veteran in the banking and card industry. She was instrumental in launching the first ATM card in South Africa in 1980. She currently represents Investec at the Payments Association of South Africa. 

Kevin Hogan is head of Investec Fraud Risk and focuses on fraud prevention and awareness for Investec’s clients. 

Maya Fisher-French is a well-known South African personal financial journalist and author. She currently has a show each week on eNCA entitled ‘Money Matters’. 

Kate Jackson is a qualified leadership coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management based in the UK. She has over 20 years’ experience coaching graduates and experienced business executives around the world to realise their dream careers.

Investec Youth Account

Investec Youth Account: Choosing the best bank account for kids
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