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Investec Focus Radio SA is a podcast channel that hosts Investec's South African podcast episodes and series including: No Ordinary Wednesday, Future Impact, Focus Talks, In Conversation and Unpacking Wealth Creation. The channel features conversations between leading minds from within Investec and other experts on economic, investment and business topics in addition to issues that go beyond wealth.


Davos Debrief podcast series

The annual meeting World Economic Forum (WEF) is underway in the Swiss resort of Davos. Heads of state from a mix of G20 and G7 countries, along with 200 cabinet ministers and 1,500 business leaders have all converged on this snowy town in the Swiss Alps as the event returns to a scale not seen since the outbreak of Covid-19. The most pressing issues facing the world today will be up for discussion as 2,700 invited speakers engage with the theme, "Cooperation in a fragmented world".   Investec Bank South Africa CEO Richard Wainwright and Investec Bank UK CEO Ruth Leas are at on the ground in Davos and will be chatting to Tim Cohen about their insights and observations for the duration of the conference.


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Davos Debrief ep3: SA works to woo investors

As the annual World Economic Forum meetings come to an end, for the South African delegation it was clear that in order to get investors, the country needs to get back on a growth path. Ruth Leas, CEO of Investec Bank UK, shared our key takeaways from the event with Business Maverick’s Tim Cohen.

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Davos Debrief ep2: Rebalancing globalisation

Opportunities abound for emerging markets as developed market companies and countries reassess supply chains in a bid to become more resilient. Speaking at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Investec SA CEO Richard Wainwright says South Africa needs to grab this opportunity with both hands as this global rebalancing is a once-off event.

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Davos Debrief ep1: Polycrisis or polytransformation?

Move over “stakeholder capitalism”. “Polycrisis” is the new buzzword at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, as global risks converge: from economic contraction and rising inflation to supply chain pressures and the Ukraine war. Tim Cohen, Editor of Business Maverick, speaks to Richard Wainwright, CEO of Investec Bank South Africa, and Ruth Leas, CEO of Investec Bank UK, on how world leaders are finding common ground on these critical challenges.

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Jeremy Maggs host of Investec's No Ordinary Wednesday podcast series

No Ordinary Wednesday

An in-depth look at what's moving markets, shaping the economy, and changing the game. 

Ayabonga Cawe, host of Investec Wealth & Investment's Wealth Creation podcast series

Unpacking Wealth Creation: season 2

Investec Wealth & Investment unpacks everything you need to know when starting on your investment journey.

Sebenzile Nkambule, host of Investec's Future Impact podcast series

Future Impact

Stories of people and organisations finding solutions to Africa’s most pressing sustainability challenges. 

Investec Focus Talks podcast series

Focus Talks

Candid conversations with leaders, innovators and change-makers

Investec In Conversation for Young Professionals

In Conversation

In Conversation for Young Professionals gives you the insights you need to put you – and your finances – ahead of the curve.

Ayabonga Cawe, host of Investec Wealth & Investment's Wealth Creation podcast series

Unpacking Wealth Creation: season 1

An Investec Wealth & Investment podcast series with insight into starting your wealth creation journey.

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