23 Jun 2021

No Ordinary Wednesday with Jeremy Maggs

Every two weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what's moving markets, shaping the economy, and changing the game for you, your business and your wealth.

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Hosted by seasoned broadcaster, Jeremy Maggs, this Investec Focus Radio podcast series will air every two weeks on a Wednesday.  We’ll be picking some of the top brains at Investec, and occasionally inviting outside experts as well, to bring you the Out of the Ordinary insights you need to stay ahead.

US mini “taper tantrum” | how the energy transition will drive commodities

Listen to episode 3

In the third episode: Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking head of Sales and Structuring Obakeng Pitse unpacks the latest US inflation numbers and the mini “taper tantrum” that followed | Investec Wealth & Investment global resources analyst Campbell Parry discusses the  long-term outlook of the commodity boom | Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking Power & Infrastructure Finance Senior Consultant Ziyaad Sarang answers this week’s burning question - how soon is Ramaphosa's 100MW surprise likely make a tangible difference to our vexing power shortages?

Public sector wage dispute - who will blink first?

Listen to episode 2

In the second episode: Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking  treasury economist Tertia Jacobs and labour law specialist Andrew Levy unpack the thorny issue of the public sector wage bill | Chief economist Annabel Bishop explains the latest GDP numbers | Head of sales for lending at Investec For Business Itumeleng Merafe answers this week’s burning question – why should inflation matter to the equity markets? 

What's driving the rand rally?

Listen to episode 1

In the debut episode: Investec chief economist Annabel Bishop on what’s driving the rand rally | chief investment strategist at Investec Wealth & Investment Chris Holdsworth on why China could rain on SA’s commodity parade | head of Sales and structuring at Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking Dhiren Mansingh on global inflation concerns | Chris Becker on how a tweet wiped over $360 billion off the value of Bitcoin

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