Investec W&I International PCC Limited

Offshore investing made simple

We look for the very best among the world’s leading fund managers to create a global, well-diversified portfolio for you designed to generate growth over the long term.

Diversifying your portfolio

Our Investec W&I International PCC Limited portfolio of unit trusts embraces diversity across geographies and asset classes. We find and invest with the best global fund managers in their fields of expertise.  We then pool these to create a well-diversified portfolio for you. This ensures that we reduce regional, industry and currency risks, while generating long-term returns.

Getting the numbers - and people - right

Not all fund managers are created equal. With thousands of fund managers to choose from, deciding on the right ones to manage your capital requires skill. Investec W&I International PCC Limited was launched in 2005, which means we’ve spent over 13 years building a network of the best funds and fund managers for your portfolio. 

Backed by a global investment approach

Investec's global perspective means you benefit from an investment strategy that draws on the input of professionals in the UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, Ireland and Guernsey. Through this process, they determine the overall amount of risk we take. This guides our asset allocation which we then combine with our fund manager selection.
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The Investec W&I International PCC Limited portfolio is for you if:

You have R200,000 to invest online, or $100,000 direct

You want access to some of the world’s finest investment managers

You need a tax efficient, simple investment solution

Two of the world's best fund managers, Dave Iben and Sunil Thakor who are part of our Investec W&I International PCC Limited Fund, discuss their approach to investing.

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Offshore Investments

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portfolio manager
"We have an active approach to investment, with emphasis on the qualitative aspects of fund manager selection."

Ryan Friedman, Wealth & Investment portfolio manager

Perfect mix of investments

Investec W&I International PCC Limited is structured to suit you. It offers different options so you can find the one that meets your investment goals and matches your risk profile.


Our unit trust funds are designed to give you access to the best investment expertise in one fund, so you don’t have to trawl through the myriad of investment opportunities yourself.

A tax-efficient structure

The unit trust funds are housed within a tax-efficient offshore structure domiciled in Guernsey, which is both cost effective and simple to administer.

Global Investment Process

Leveraging off our international network

We ensure your investments benefit from a global perspective and experience across all markets.

Local knowledge, global expertise

We have operations in 14 countries. This gives you access to local and offshore markets. Whether you want to grow or preserve your wealth, you will benefit from international, multi-faceted, in-depth global investment processes, as well as comfort in scale, augmented by our global reach and continuous growth.

Internationally recognised for investment excellence

Euromoney Private Banking survey 2019

Ranked #1 by Euromoney in the Private Bank and Wealth Management Survey.

Global Private Banking award 2018

Ranked #1 by the Financial Times of London as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager.

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One Place™

Seamless integration of local and international banking and investing. All in One Place™

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