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Introduction to GISG

The Investec Global Investment Strategy Group (GISG) has the task of setting the risk position for Investec Wealth & Investment as a whole. The GISG brings together our leading strategic thinkers to ensure the management of your portfolio is based on a comprehensive global macroeconomic outlook. The Group analyses the risk environment over the medium term, defines the outlook for investors, and identifies potential icebergs that may lie ahead. 

This is your direct window into the thinking that goes into the Investec investment outlook and strategy – with the latest global investment insights, trend analysis and recommendations from some of the world’s top experts. 

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Global Investment View

The Global Investment Strategy Group brings together the insights of Investec Wealth & Investment's professionals in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Switzerland, mapping their outlook, setting a risk budget and identifying potential pitfalls that lie in the global investor's path.

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Drawing on a wide range of perspectives

The investor insights mapped out by the GISG on a quarterly basis, directly inform the strategy from which asset allocation committees in different regions make their investment decisions.

The GISG draws on the expertise of Investec Wealth & Investment professionals from the UK, South Africa, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Ireland and Switzerland. The Group is a voting forum, which operates on the principle of one member, one vote. When votes are cast, the results define what the risk position and budget for the quarter will be. 

Regular assessment of strategy

To ensure our investment outlook and risk positioning is always informed by the latest market developments, the GISG meet on a quarterly basis to do the following:    
  • Map out and analyse the economic outlook for the next 18 months
  • Coordinate the risk appetite of the group – defining how much risk we are comfortable to assume
  • Discuss how this 'risk budget' is to be spent – including the most and least appealing areas to assume risk and how we insure against it
  • Identify and validate key investment themes• Identify potential threats (the 'icebergs' ahead) in the global investor’s path
  • Discuss new developments that could have an impact on returns.

The Global Investment View

After each meeting of the GISG, all the insights and findings are distilled into a quarterly report – the Global Investment View. It offers detailed analysis of the current global investment landscape and the strategic thinking behind the current outlook and risk positioning of the Group.

Quarterly Reports for 2018

Find and download the latest and past editions of the Global Investment View to understand the investment outlook and risk positioning of the GISG on a quarterly basis. 

Global Investment View Q4 2018
Global Investment View Q3 2018
Global Investment View Q2 2018
Global Investment View Q1 2018

The Global Investment View Archive

How we set our risk budget


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