Welcome to the special edition Global Investment View Q2

With responsibility and sustainability at the core of our investment process, it gives us great please to launch our inaugural Sustainability Report. The Report sets out our philosophy and process, as well as the concrete steps we have taken to ensure that we include environmental, social and governance principles into the way we manage your money.

Henry Blumenthal
Henry Blumenthal. Investec Wealth & Investment Chief Executive

This past year, we’ve focused on including sustainability at the core of our fundamental investment process. By enhancing our investment process through assessing the ESG risk and opportunities for each company we cover, we are able to find companies that are well positioned to provide sustainable returns into the future and that consider their impact on all stakeholders

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From Covid-19 to climate change, investors face a world of changes. The need for a proper wealth plan has never been greater.

Chris Holdsworth
Chris Holdsworth Chief Investment Strategist. Investec Wealth & Investment SA

Higher commodity prices imply greater tax revenue for the state – which in turn will potentially lead to tax cuts. Higher commodity prices also provide support for the rand, reducing need to hike rates

Executive view of the quarter

The Global Investment Strategy Group (GISG) maintains its risk budget score (-0.5 on a scale of +3 to -3)

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