Global Leaders Portfolio

Invest in the world’s market-leading companies

As a global investor, you want to own shares in firms that have demonstrated true leadership in their sectors on the international stage.

Understanding companies

Identifying leading companies and understanding the market forces that drive them requires rigorous, first-rate research. The Global Leaders Portfolio encompasses the work of our global strategy team and draws on international analysts who have hands-on knowledge of their industries.

Sustainable competitive advantage

We take a long-term approach to your investments. Whether it’s technology, consumer goods, energy or any other sector, we identify and select global companies that have achieved competitive advantage over time and are likely to continue doing so.

Companies that are ahead of the pack

There are thousands of firms listed in the US, Europe and UK from which to choose. We identify and focus on the 30 or 50 stocks that are true global leaders in their sectors. Companies that give you the performance you need.

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Our Global Leaders portfolio is for you if:

You want to invest a minimum of US$300,000

You want a concentrated portfolio of shares in leading global companies

You want access to global companies that have been carefully selected for their growth potential

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Track performance, gain insight

Global Leaders Portfolio facts and figures

Global leaders portfolio

We select companies that have shown that they can compound their leadership positions on the global stage over time, and are likely to continue to do so.

Richard Cardo, Wealth & Investment portfolio manager

Global expertise and perspective

Our vast global presence and expertise means that every investment decision is backed by the insights of some of the best analysts in the industry. Our global investment strategy also means that you’ll get the combined skills of our global teams working for you.
Value of funds under management in the Global Leaders Portfolio

Global Investment Process

Leveraging off our international network

We ensure your investments benefit from a global perspective and experience across all markets.

Local knowledge, global expertise

We have operations in 14 countries. This gives you access to local and offshore markets. Whether you want to grow or preserve your wealth, you will benefit from international, multi-faceted and in-depth global investment processes, as well as comfort in scale, augmented by our global reach and continuous growth.

Internationally recognised for investment excellence

Ranked #1 by Euromoney in the Private Bank and Wealth Management Survey.

Ranked #1 by the Financial Times of London as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager.

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