11 Mar 2021

Curveball with Koshiek Karan

Ahead of the curve

Investec Private Banking's young professionals publication

Koshiek Karan, often touted as Twitter’s ‘go-to finance guy’, joined our brand ambassador Maps Maponyane for our second Curveball webcast.

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A former investment banker, Koshiek is the founder of Banker X, a website aimed at empowering South Africans with financial education and career development. In the video, he touches on both topics and the challenges young professionals face during the Covid-19 crisis.


Koshiek and Maps debate the difference between a job, a career and a calling. Koshiek urges young professionals to look at the early stages of their career and first salaries holistically and uncovers some of the traps in only chasing the highest possible salary. He explains how you can break down your salary slip and use this document to create a budget that suits your needs.


In addition, he discusses the importance of building authentic connections in a working world that is often remote, digital and isolated. Koshiek also shares insight into how you can network when you are not always in a physical office and finding the right mentor at the right time in your career.

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