Retirement investments

When you retire, ensure your passions don't

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Investec Wealth & Investment offers you the scale, international reach, and depth of investment expertise, globally and locally, to meet your specific retirement and legacy needs in this ever-changing environment.

All the retirement investments that you invest in are backed by an investment approach that is rigorous, disciplined, and integrates a global investment house view. 

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How do I find value in retirement (Marc Kahn)

How should I be spending my retirement (Marc Kahn)

Find a balanced retirement portfolio to suit your needs

Investing for retirement needs to be flexible depending on your stage of life. We offer balanced portfolios which adhere to the principles and guidelines set out in Regulation 28 of the Pension Fund Act:

Balanced High Equity Portfolio PDF 1.65 MB
Balanced High Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 1.65 MB
Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio PDF 1.65 MB
Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 1.65 MB
Balanced Low Equity Portfolio PDF 1.65 MB
Balanced Low Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 1.65 MB

Start your wealth journey with us

Partner with Investec’s team of investment experts to make smart choices to preserve and grow your wealth.

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Are we retiring the concept of retirement?

Choose the right retirement partner

Investing for retirement and investing in retirement is an important part of achieving your personal wealth goals. We structure retirement investment plans to suit your needs and risk tolerance. 

A global investment strategy

Our experienced portfolio management and research teams draw on our expertise in South Africa, the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland for asset allocation and stock selection.

Retirement investments that evolve with you

We offer tailored pre- and post-retirement products to help build your retirement investments throughout your career and make your savings last.

Multi Asset Class Portfolio


Ranked as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in South Africa for 11 consecutive years by the Financial Times of London.

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Portfolio Management

Whether you’re wanting to grow your wealth or generate income, tap into our expertise to help realise your investment goals.

Invest offshore

Global diversification is a must. Investec’s offshore investments give you access to the world’s leading companies and fund managers.

Manage my investments for me

Get advice, insight and personal investment services backed by our truly global investment approach and expertise.

Unit trusts

Choose from a wide range of unit trusts that meet your investment needs. Our expert international team has produced consistent results across domestic and offshore funds.

Foreign exchange

If you want to invest internationally, make payments overseas, receive money from offshore or you need some foreign currency to travel.

Private capital

We provide established entrepreneurs, business founders and high net worth individuals with private capital solutions, transaction ideas and access to Investec’s networks.

Enjoy Investec One Place™ with our local and international offering