Comparing our savings accounts


Here we've answered some common questions we get about the difference between our Online Savings Accounts and Investec Private Bank's Savings Accounts.

For FAQs specifically about Online Savings Accounts, please visit our dedicated FAQs page

  • Can I speak to someone over the phone about Online Savings Accounts?

    In order to offer competitive interest rates, support relating to these products is only available through live chat, which offers a real person on the other end that will be able to assist you. Head to and then click the 'Live chat' button in the bottom right of the screen. 

  • Why can't I see my Online Savings Account in Investec Online?

    Investec Online allows our Private Banking and Wealth Management clients to log in and interact with their accounts with us. If you are a Private Banking client, you can see your Private Bank Savings Accounts in Investec Online.

    However, our Online Savings Accounts sit on a separate platform so won’t be visible. Clients with an Online Savings Account receive separate credentials to log in and view their account at

  • Why are Investec's Online Savings Accounts separate to its Private Bank Savings Accounts?

    Our different savings accounts are designed to serve different purposes for different clients. As such, they sit on separate platforms. In the case of the Online Savings Accounts, the self-serve nature of the platform means we can offer competitive interest rates on customers' savings. 

  • Can I speak to my Investec banker about my Online Savings Account?

    You’re welcome to speak to your Investec contact about your savings, but they can't manage Online Savings Accounts on your behalf or answer any queries relating to them. These accounts are designed to be self-serve and therefore sit on a stand-alone platform. You can access your Online Savings Account by logging onto Investec's Online Savings platform. If help is required, customers can request this using live chat by heading to and selecting the 'Live chat' icon in the bottom right of the screen. 

  • If I'm already a Private Banking client, why do I need to re-apply for an Online Savings Account, if I want one?

    Our Online Savings Accounts sit on a stand-alone, self-service platform that uses advanced technology to allow you to manage your account/s online. If you already have a Private Banking or Wealth Management account with us, the current position is that you will need to re-verify your identity to open an Online Savings Account. 

  • What are the two personal savings account options offered by Investec?

    We offer two separate groups of savings products for which the initial account opening, management and ongoing servicing is different. 

    If you meet the criteria of a high-net-worth individual, we encourage you to look at our Private Bank Savings Accounts. Generally, these are managed via a dedicated Private Banker assigned to you. These are quite different to, and sit separately from, our Online Savings Accounts which are designed with simplicity in mind. These are self-managed and are supported solely through live chat functionality.

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