International Investment Management

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At Investec our expertise lies in managing the needs of internationally-minded clients. Our specialist International Team offers a bespoke, personalised service for high net worth clients covering a total of 108 countries across all six continents.

Our experience, combined with our knowledge of global markets, enables us to effectively support your investment needs, whilst also helping you navigate the various tax, regulatory and practical challenges of being a global citizen.

40% of assets managed by UK Investment Managers are for overseas clients

* The Investment Association, 2019

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How we add value

  • A gateway to all that Investec can offer

    When you choose Investec to support your International and offshore investment needs you also get the benefit of access to a diverse range of services from the wider Investec group including; offshore and private banking, foreign exchange, offshore custody and dealing, corporate treasury and trading, asset finance and wealth planning. 

    Understanding your needs

    Wherever you are based in the world, our service to you begins with a thorough understanding of your financial circumstances, your tax status and your aspirations for your money, so that together we can identify the most appropriate bespoke investment solution for your needs.

    Tax-efficient investing

    Failing to carefully consider the tax implications of where you invest could create unnecessary costs and expenses for you and your heirs. We can look at your worldwide assets in conjunction with tax advisors to ensure that your investment solutions are tax efficient and expertly structured to suit your needs.

Ready to have a conversation?

If you’d like to have an informal, no obligation, conversation about how we can manage your international investments, please get in touch.

Our offshore Investment Management services

  • Bespoke Portfolio Management

    If you’re looking to preserve or grow your wealth, but feel you don't have the knowledge, time or the appetite to manage your own investments, then this might be the ideal service for you. Bespoke Portfolio Management is a comprehensive and highly personalised service where you allow us to use our professional discretion and expert knowledge to manage all aspects of your investment portfolio.

  • Choice of Asset Classes

    Global reach means global choice in terms of your portfolio and we offer a wide range of international investment opportunities from global equities and foreign exchange to money markets, international bonds, alternative investments and structured products.

  • Portfolio Lending

    With Investec, you can draw on a broad range of onshore and offshore investment services, including portfolio lending, using your portfolio as security to receive credit.

  • Wealth Structuring

    From tax planning, to retirement, legal, insurance, and estate planning, we can work with your existing external advisers, or assist you to source external specialists, in helping to structure your wealth.

  • Traditional Banking

    Our premium, personalised banking service is available to our clients from our London office, the Channel Islands and Switzerland.

  • International Currency

    Our clients’ portfolios are run in sterling, euros or US dollars. At Investec our multi-currency platform will make international payments seamless, especially if you have businesses or family across the world.

Services from our Guernsey office

Access a wide range of personal offshore investment management services, including portfolio lending and currency hedging facilities, working with our teams based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

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UK-based private client

When my Investment Director moved from the UK to Hong Kong I was able to maintain the relationship. They accommodated me, you don’t find many banks that do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you still have some questions about our International Investment Management service. The information below may give you the answers you want.

  • Do you provide offshore investment management services?

    Our teams in Guernsey and Switzerland will deliver a wide range of personalised offshore investment services including portfolio lending and custody services. Your dedicated Investment Manager will arrange and oversee all services on your behalf.

  • If I’m UK-based can I use the International Investment service?

    Yes - for clients who have investment horizons that are broader than the UK market and that are prepared to tolerate the additional currency risk, a globally diverse portfolio can offer greater opportunity and diversity. 

  • Do I need an International service if I’m temporarily working abroad?

    Potentially yes. For UK nationals who are temporarily working abroad or that have an existing family account with members of that family now living abroad our International Investment Management service can be highly appropriate. We recommend you contact your tax advisor in this regard.

  • Do you provide an international booking platform?

    Yes, via our offshore booking platforms in Guernsey and Switzerland.

  • If I’m not domiciled in the UK can I use your International services?

    This will depend on the jurisdiction you are based in and we would be delighted to discuss in more detail.

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Private Insight

Looking back

A 60-year-old investor's advice to his 16-year-old self - It is not the sort of thing they tell you at school, but when you leave and make your way in the world as an adult, money will be part of the core curriculum


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