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13 Nov 2023

Investec internationally recognised

For the 11th year in a row, Investec has been named South Africa’s best private bank and wealth manager by the Financial Times of London. 

Leaders holding award

“It’s an immense honour to receive this award and we thank our clients, staff and shareholders,” says Cumesh Moodliar, Head of Investec Private Banking SA. “Our people take great pride in creating a truly client-centric business that delivers Out of the Ordinary experiences and exceptional service. We are delighted that their dedication has been recognised by this respected accolade.”

Cumesh explains further, “We’re reframing what it means to be an Out of the Ordinary partner. Private banking has become so commoditised that people have forgotten it’s supposed to be a valuable, highly personalised experience.”

At Investec, we take things to the next level, setting the private banking benchmark on service through our face-to-face, deep client relationships and our 24/7 global client support centre. We have specialist private bankers, wealth managers and other specialists who work together as a team to service clients’ increasingly diverse needs.

One of our greatest strengths is Investec One Place™, a collaboration between Investec Private Banking, Wealth & Investment and the broader business. This holistic, multi-generational solution puts our clients at the centre of an integrated and personalised financial ecosystem that is unique in the SA market, able to service clients wherever they go – both locally and internationally.

In a world that is increasingly complex and uncertain, we aim to simplify things for our clients by offering local and international private banking and wealth management services in One Place™. This enables them to create, grow and preserve their wealth with us for generations.

Investec has an extensive and growing international footprint across SA, UK, Mauritius, Channel Islands. In addition, Investec is the only financial institution in Africa with a Swiss banking and wealth management licence. Investec Switzerland is for high net worth clients, families and trusts. It offers all Investec’s investment products across all asset classes, cash solutions, execution and custody services, Lombard lending, multiple currency accounts and foreign exchange dealing.


Investec’s international teams across the world work closely together, drawing on their deep, collective expertise to serve global clients anywhere, any time. According to Joubert Hay, Chief Executive of Investec Wealth & Investment International, this is a distinctive proposition.

“Investec stands out as a business that genuinely puts its clients first by offering a service that is highly individualised according to your unique family needs,” he says. “Clients know that wherever they are in the world, Investec will be able to help them manage their finances in a way that supports the achievement of their financial goals.”

While catering to global citizens is nothing new for Investec, Cumesh believes life has become more complex for many of Investec’s clients, not least because their families are more spread across different jurisdictions than ever before.

“Semi-gration and emigration have introduced new challenges for our clients and for our business. It’s our aim to provide a service that is nimble and expert enough to adapt to clients’ ever-changing circumstances,” he says. “We have the specialist skills needed to follow our clients’ wealth, no matter where in the world it goes.”

These skills include an expanded and enhanced tax and fiduciary team that delivers cross-border tax opinions, international wills, global estate plans, exchange control and special externalisation applications, cross-border structuring, family trust deeds and constitutions, and guidance on the sale of businesses.

Clients are also increasingly demanding financial solutions that have a meaningful societal impact. Many want to leave a legacy through strategic philanthropy, while others require the explicit incorporation of sustainability considerations into investment approaches.

“At Investec, we have prioritised the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment decision-making. This means we’re well-placed to help clients invest their money in sustainable ways to deliver enduring ESG benefits,” concludes Joubert.

For the second, we have won the Best Private Bank in Africa for Philanthropy Services and for the first time, we took home the award for the Best Branding in Private Banking in Africa. 

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