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Access local and international investment opportunities through our secure online environment

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Access the expertise of our global fund managers

My Investments gives you exclusive access to our selection of local and offshore investment solutions, actively managed via our rigorous global investment process. Start your investment journey from R1,000 a month or an initial lump sum investment of R10,000.

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Tax-free investments

Investments that are not subject to income or capital gains tax and provide a convenient way to accumulate wealth, save towards a goal or supplement retirement savings.

Retirement solutions

Save for your retirement in a tax efficient manner with our retirement annuity and preservation fund options.

Local unit trust funds

Unit trusts provide easy and affordable access to equities, bonds and other markets and asset classes. Our range of unit trusts caters for short-, medium- to long-term investment periods.

Offshore unit trust funds

Global diversification is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Get access to some of the best global expertise, backed by our rigorous global investment process.

Bespoke local and offshore investment opportunities

Our uniquely created Structured Products enable you to access both local and global stock markets, while our Life Investment Policies provide you with a fixed investment return after tax.


Investment solutions


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Want to start investing?

Our local and offshore investment opportunities are only available to existing Investec Private Bank Account holders. Find out if you qualify.


Unpacking Wealth Creation

Are you keen to start investing but aren't sure where to start?

In this podcast series, Investec Wealth & Investment’s wealth managers and investment specialists provide insight into all you need to know as you start your wealth creation journey, unpacking money and investing, the financial market forces shaping investments, stock market trading, real estate investing, and more.

Listen to the full  podcast seriers

Episode 1: ESG vs impact investing

Do you sacrifice returns by investing in sustainable funds? In the first episode of the second season of the wealth creation podcast series, Ayabonga Cawe is joined by Investec Wealth & Investment’s portfolio managers, Boipelo Rabothata and Barry Shamley as they unpack what ESG really is and what implications it has on where you allocate your capital when making financial decisions. Read more.

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