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Are you keen to start investing but aren't sure where to start?

Ayabonga Cawe


In this podcast series, Investec Wealth & Investment’s wealth managers and investment specialists provide insight into all you need to know as you start your wealth creation journey, unpacking money and investing, the financial market forces shaping investments, stock market trading, real estate investing, and more.

Hosted by economist and radio personality, Ayabonga Cawe, Unpacking Wealth Creation brings you expert knowledge and tips to optimise your investment management, and sharpen your investment strategies across a variety of assets, from property to public and private equity.

Learn about investing, straight from the experts.

Season 2

Episode 4: So, you fancy yourself as a trader?

Host Ayabonga Cawe, talks to Willemien Dawes and Jared Nestadt, both advisory stockbrokers from Investec Wealth & Investment, about what you need to know if you want to trade local and international markets. Read more.

Episode 3: Investing in private equity

In this episode Ayabonga Cawe is joined by Kate Duggan and Sohan Singh, both Wealth Managers from Investec Wealth & Investment and they unpack how to incorporate private equity into your investment portfolio and what you should consider before investing in this asset class. Read more.

Episode 2: Is cash a good asset class alternative?

Is cash really king? Ayabonga Cawe is joined by Fund Analyst, Bronwen Trower and Portfolio Manager, Glen Copans from Investec Wealth & Investment and they unpack what you, as an aspiring investor, should consider when incorporating cash as an asset class in your investment portfolio. Read more.

Episode 1: ESG vs impact investing

Do you sacrifice returns by investing in sustainable funds? In the first episode of the second season of the wealth creation podcast series, Ayabonga Cawe is joined by Investec Wealth & Investment’s portfolio managers, Boipelo Rabothata and Barry Shamley as they unpack what ESG really is and what implications it has on where you allocate your capital when making financial decisions. Read more.

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Meet the host: Ayabonga Cawe

Ayabonga Cawe is a development economist with over ten years experience in the public sector, academia, policy research, advisory, media and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as the Chief Commissioner at the International Trade Administration Commission and a sessional lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, Cawe is most well known for his time as the host of Metro FM Talk. 


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