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Edition 2, 2019

Rising above the noise

Rising above the noise

With global political and economic uncertainty, change is a constant in 2019 - particularly for South Africa. The 2019 election results and subsequent leadership challenges will influence economic policy going forward.

Five insights into the UK property market

Five insights into the UK property market

Adam Jaffe at Investec Structured Property Finance in the UK talks about the opportunities for SA property entrepreneurs.

Five insights into the UK property market
The crypto conundrum

The crypto conundrum

Blockchain is set to be business model of the future, says Chris Becker Investec’s blockchain specialist.

Reconnecting humanity

Reconnecting humanity

Futurist Douglas Rushkoff examines how humankind can retain its ‘humanness’ in a world where technology is often isolating rather than inclusive.

Reconnecting humanity

Edition 1, 2019

Investing insights

An exclusive view of global investment in 2019

Wealth & Investment’s top strategic minds give you access to the most important global and local investor insights for the first quarter.

Trending in tech

From 5G to blockchain – four technology trends to watch

In a world that is always on and always connected, technology is constantly evolving. Investec’s head of Digital, Lyndon Subroyen looks at the digital horizon.
Reputational risk

Do your employees pose a reputational risk?

What could ruin your company’s reputation online? Social media lawyer and expert Emma Sadlier explains that the biggest risk facing companies is the reputational risk posed by employees.
Working in the future

The future of work

About 50% of all jobs that exist today could be automated with existing technology. Just how secure are jobs against the backdrop of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Investec’s Marc Kahn and James Manyika of the McKinsey Global Institute look at the facts and the myths in this podcast.

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