Edition 1, 2020

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Out of the Ordinary insight into today’s world of business, from Investec Private Banking

Economic update

Covid-19’s impact on the local and global business landscape

The global outlook is one of unsynchronised economic recovery, says Investec Chief Economist (SA) Annabel Bishop. She predicts patchy outcomes between economies as some economies recover faster than others and highlights what businesses will need to prepare for.

Alain de Botton – the changing role of meaning and meritocracy at work

World-renowned philosopher Alain de Botton joins Investec Global Head of People and Organisation, Dr Marc Kahn to discuss the role of business in a post-Coronavirus world, the importance of emotional and professional development in the workplace and the power of storytelling in an organisation.

Edition 4, 2019

The surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense

Rory Sutherland, author and TED speaker, explains the virtue of irrational ideas and how we can deepen our understanding of the human experience in a commercial world.