23 Nov 2021

Investec’s new brand message is optimistic and bold

With the right partner, there’s no limit to what’s possible

Investec today launched its new, fully integrated marketing campaign, ‘Possibilities’. Building on the brand’s distinctive, Out of the Ordinary positioning, the campaign highlights the international bank and wealth manager’s agile, high-touch approach, and its ability to offer clients a different take on turning possibilities into realities.

"For over 47 years, Investec has built its DNA on exceptional client service,” says Heather Casey, Investec’s head of brand in South Africa. “Our people are known for understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs. We’re uniquely placed to help them seize the possibilities that lie ahead. The message comes at a time when we’re emerging from a long period of uncertainty and looking towards a brighter tomorrow. It’s a bold, optimistic statement, looking forward to the opportunities of 2022 and beyond.”

At the centre of the campaign is a 45-second commercial, which reminds us that possibilities abound, but they’re fleeting, and must be seized decisively and quickly. So it helps to have someone by your side who can think innovatively and act boldly to help you turn the possible into the actual.

Investec wanted a campaign as distinctive as its brand – a stimulating and positive message that stood apart from the conventional themes associated with financial services advertising. That was part of the brief to Leagas Delaney, Investec’s global brand agency.

“We started by re-examining what it is about Investec that makes it Out of the Ordinary,” says Leagas Delaney founder and copywriter on the project, Tim Delaney. “A key aspect is intellectual curiosity – Investec people tend to look at things from different angles and they have an energising sense of urgency. The idea of transitioning from one landscape of possibilities to the next became a rich canvass to express these characteristics in a visually and emotionally engaging way.”

Apart from its timeliness, the concept of ‘Possibilities’ resonated with Investec’s global brand platform because of its universal relevance, both within specific local contexts and across geographies. The concept also lends itself to executions on multiple platforms and formats, be it a digital out of home billboard or a 30-second video pre-roll. To support the campaign, Investec also launched an in-depth online content series, ‘Possibilities 2022’, available on its Focus content hub, which touches on the opportunities that the coming year holds for clients in various sectors and life stages.

Leagas Delaney worked closely with Investec economists to identify relevant and topical ‘possibility landscapes,’ which are reflected in the sweeping physical landscapes of the brand film – among them, the spectacular night skies of the northern Karoo and the bustling streets of central London. The script called for a protagonist who could carry the message with confidence and authenticity, and found the perfect fit in Avumile Qongqo.

In homage to Investec’s heritage, the ad also holds a number of easter eggs, including some hidden numbers and references, such as 1974, the year Investec was started. 

“We have stayed true to our roots,” Casey continues. “We’ve weathered a devastating crisis, and we’re by no means certain about what the future holds. But we hope the campaign demonstrates that it’s time to make the transition from fear and indecisiveness to positivity and action. It all starts with the right conversation and the right partner.”

To watch the latest Investec brand advert, click here.