Our IPO offering

A complete service

We help companies float on AIM or the Main Market, either as sole sponsor and broker or as part of an IPO syndicate. Our services range from the specialist financial preparatory work needed to become a public company to the positioning of the investment case and marketing to institutional investors.

Sector expertise

Our experienced sector teams advise company owners and management teams on the merits of IPO vs alternative options and give honest feedback on the suitability of the business for sustained success as a public company. Our sector experts have the specialist knowledge required to help you present your business to the market in a way which will optimise valuation and minimise risk.

More than IPO

Importantly, as a leading M&A advisor we can also advise on alternatives to IPO such as a trade or Private Equity sale. We are solution agnostic and will always propose the best future ownership solution for the business and its shareholders.


We run regular IPO conferences, giving companies considering an IPO the opportunity to hear directly from public company management teams on their experiences of the IPO process itself and of life on the public markets. Institutional investors also share their views on what they look for when investing in a company at IPO. You can also access our IPO market reports and podcast series in our IPO insights hub.



Am I a good IPO candidate?

Assessing possible IPO candidates


Attractive underlying market dynamics which support the organic growth and present future growth opportunities. 


Differentiated, defensible and scalable proposition with leading position.


Strong track record of executing the plan and delivering growth in the sector.


Strong organic revenue growth, good revenue visibility, attractive margins and cash generation.

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Conversations with IPO experts

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The latest reports and insights on the IPO market

Views you can use

Podcasts, reports and exclusive insights for businesses looking to IPO.

Four keys to a successful IPO

Simple steps to maximise the prospects of a prosperous IPO

Be prepared

Paperwork at the ready

An IPO is a highly intensive process for a CEO and CFO. The more that can be done upfront, the easier the process will be.

Preparation of a three year integrated business plan and model, adopting ‘PLC’ standard financial procedures and making any required additions to the second tier management and finance team will all help to ensure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Early and regular engagement with investors

Rally your backers

A ‘fan base’ of investors needs to be curated via the process of Test Marketing and subsequent interaction.

This helps to ensure the equity story is properly understood, any areas of concern are addressed, and provides increased deal certainty for issuers. A fan base will help to create competitive tension amongst institutions to maximise value and to pick up momentum investors.

Tell the story right

Perfect pitching

Time needs to be spent with your adviser so that the equity story can be carefully constructed in order to maximise the impact with investors.

This includes both the presentation content, but also, just as importantly, how management present it.

We spend a significant amount of time with management teams preparing the story and rehearsing the presentation until it becomes second nature.

Assemble a strong board early on

Build your board

Good corporate governance is becoming increasingly important for investors, and key to this is an experienced and balanced Board.

A strong Board also acts as a good source of stewardship for management teams who are new to public company life.

Boards cannot be parachuted in at the last minute and it can take time to assemble the right people. We always advise that this is a work stream that is kicked off on ‘Day 1’.